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  2. CLPD budget cuts :D (Photo by @FreakyClown 20170122172325_2.jpg

  3. here

    I have great news ProfessinalDriver has cleared customs his passport was stamped and should be arriving soon as a new resident of the island again thanks to customs for helping him on his move to the island

  4. here

    Mason update, I met with one the the large business leaders yesterday and he made a large donation to the Mason Foundation to help the residence of  island,

    I hope to meet with more of the Top Executives of Tanoa and continue are forward progress giving all residence the opportunity to grow with the island.


    Best Regards


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    Ben working hard on getting members to move back to the island, i would like to welcome back to the city a longtime friend and Mason member professionalDriver moving his family back.

    looking forward to his return.  And again wanna thank all the staff for helping with his passport.

  8. here

    Well i wanna thank all the staff for helping me with my passport for moving to the island, my work on running for senator is on going now the masons are already working on new members to move to the island, i wanna welcome the newest member Bobby the Kid whose working on his passport now.

  9. Earlier
  10. Going to have to reconfigure my internet here before I get onto Tanoa and hopefully return to the EMTs! Going to be tough though with Fire Academy and College starting up here soon. Hope to see you all soon!

  11. Wanna have a good time? :D



    1. DeathWatchPaul


      Looks like you found yourself a new friend 😘

  12. here

    So Glad to be back and happy to see all my friends and new players

    1. DeathWatchPaul
    2. Hondo


      Thank you sir Happy to be back


  13. I would like to request an interview to join the mod and be able to download the addons.

  14. how big are the citylifefiles? i want to get back in the game but have to redownload.

  15. Hey, everyone ! So, something got messed up with my order. I got it all fixed, meaning my headset will arrive on the 7th at 8 PM 

  16. Almost 3 year’s a member great community...

  17. Grab it while it lasts! Arma 3 APEX @ only $17.49! https://store.bistudio.com/products/arma3-apex

  18. pyU0xaQ.jpg

    1. D1vin3Venom


      Lmao, the Aston Martin bug’s out when it’s towed

  19. Happy New Years!

    1. DeathWatchPaul


      Happy New Year!! mate.

  20. Hey guys, sorry for my absence. I was at my aunt;s for the weekend. I am now back, and expecting my headset to come in today or tomorrow. So I will finally be able to do the interview, and possibly play with everyone !

  21. Quote

    “Maybe in some other lifetime, or somewhere down the road we might meet up at the right time” – G-Eazy



  22. Anyone else waiting on that interview ? Lmao, the wait is on. 

  23. Awaiting Approval 

    Haha, just finished all the things, I think. All I need is permission. XD

  24. Holy mother, long time no see :)

  25. Glad to announce that I am back!!

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