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  3. where do i install TFR??


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  5. Suh ma doods, swing by, take a seat, listen a while.


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  7. Every time I get ready to get back into CL life gets crazy haha. Hopefully this time I'll be able to get some game time in :) Just got a new laptop though so it will take a while.

  8. pm meh m8

    1. Macky


      Sup bro

    2. CrimsonTrigger


      This is a public message board xD. Ill Pm you on TS once I get back from work. We gotta talk about sometin.

  9. How’s it going ? I’ve been having some serious problems lately, that is why I haven’t been on, the problems are still not completely over. I am trying my best. It’s nearing the end, so I may finally be able to actually get on soon. Sorry.


  10. Im stalking you also

  11. Spoiler



  12. Follow winnipeger 

  13. I am stalking you.

  14. MAXXXX!!! <3

    1. MaXMillioN


      OMG!! you have no idea how I miss you bro :D
      Come on tell me you are willing to come back!

  15. PIG :)

    1. Clutchie


      :LOL: how have you been, milma

  16. finally got the mod downloaded now onto the interview

  17. can you help me whit a issue that i have because i formatted my pc


    1. jord1990


      Solved through PM's

  18. How is it going ? Been sick for the past week. Not too fun. 

  19. 27 yo….yaaay….-_-

    1. DeathWatchPaul


      Happy Birthday!!! mate ;)

    2. NiallMcslive


      Happy birthday bud, dont get too pissed :o

    3. Arash


      Happy Birthday mate

  20. when i try to enable it on ts3 plugin this pops up

    plugin failed to load:api version not compatible; 20 current 21

    1. jord1990


      Hop into TS and ill help you out

    2. makenonono


      nevermind i fixed it thanks for the fast response

  21. CLPD budget cuts :D (Photo by @FreakyClown 20170122172325_2.jpg

  22. I have great news ProfessinalDriver has cleared customs his passport was stamped and should be arriving soon as a new resident of the island again thanks to customs for helping him on his move to the island

  23. Mason update, I met with one the the large business leaders yesterday and he made a large donation to the Mason Foundation to help the residence of  island,

    I hope to meet with more of the Top Executives of Tanoa and continue are forward progress giving all residence the opportunity to grow with the island.


    Best Regards


  24. Ben working hard on getting members to move back to the island, i would like to welcome back to the city a longtime friend and Mason member professionalDriver moving his family back.

    looking forward to his return.  And again wanna thank all the staff for helping with his passport.

  25. Well i wanna thank all the staff for helping me with my passport for moving to the island, my work on running for senator is on going now the masons are already working on new members to move to the island, i wanna welcome the newest member Bobby the Kid whose working on his passport now.

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