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  1. Yo we should work on bringing the old crew back already working on deathplane

    1. kevknightrider


      I'm down. Show these new guys how it's done.

  2. here

    Ugh launcher issues time to trying to sort it out :(

    1. deathplane


      guess whos back!

    2. deathplane
    3. Zackcb


      lol welcome back bud, give em hell. ;)

  3. Happy birthday bro haven't seen you in a while. Hope all is well with the kid!

  4. here

    Trying to hold down the fort till the old crew arrives.

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Weiz


      Likewise for me & the daughter!

    3. Zackcb


      Good to hear

    4. Synweb


      Just started back up again.

  5. here

    whelp 3 years

  6. here

    Heading back to Ky for the next week, later all!

    1. Weiz


      Watch out for the banjo bangers!

    2. Sinc


      good luck marrying your cousin ;)

  7. here

    I will never understand how people can enjoy nascar

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Weiz


      It's the Green-White-Checkers! lol

    3. Tangobird


      probably the same reason people like watching football or soccer

    4. ofpMisterguy


      round and round and round and round……

  8. here

    Wohoo 2 years on City Life!

  9. here

    Wohoo PSU finally arrived.... and my headset broke. At least I have a spare one of them!

  10. Where are you zack? I need you, i'm having Zack withdrawal... No homo?

    1. Zackcb


      Ha, I should be able to finally get on as long as ups keeps to the date they gave me. Which is unreliable at best.

    2. Roczok


      So you should be able to get on today?