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  1. Thinking about trading my 2010 Ninja 250R for a Honda VTX 1300.. planning on a cross-country trip from Seattle to Miami, Miami to New York, and then New York to Seattle (almost 8,000 miles) and I don’t think a sport bike is a good choice for that.. anyone else got any thoughts/advice?

    1. NiallMcslive


      Honda goldwing perhaps? Heard those are very comfy, although not too sure if thats the type of bike your looking for.

  2. Happy Birthday toxic375!

  3. Sitting in TS.. wondering if I'm actually coming back or if I'm just getting tags for the what-if situation..

  4. Happy Birthday toxic375!

    1. toxic375


      ^_^ I know it's an automated message, but thanks anyways.
  5. Can't use my legs and I have a cast on my forearm, still wondering how the hell I'm alive.. happy to have my dog and my best friend from the academy helping me out around the house whilist I recover.. trying to get CL running now so I can see my CL friends :)

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    2. RECHillick


      Jesus lad, you're a little strong fucker ;) I'm glad that you're alright mate :D.

    3. toxic375
    4. ofpMisterguy


      no doubt. glad you are ok and I hope everything goes well in the recovery

  6. "(me) 911, what is the location of your emergency?" "(little kid) Hi!" "(me) why hello there, is mommy or daddy around?" "(little kid) fuck you! :D " *disconnect* :(

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    2. toxic375


      oh he got better than that, I called the number back and Mommy answered.. I learned a lot of new Spanish curse words yesterday ;)

    3. austin4362


      My personal Favorite:

      911 Whats the Address of your emergency? Uhmm i cant really give you a location, but i live by the airport.

      Ok Ma'am whats going on there?

      There is a airplane flying quite low. I was hoping you could let the pilot know.

    4. xXFallenAngelXx


      lol Austin. Some people xD

  7. Moving to the opposite side of the state here in a week or two =D

  8. Happy Birthday toxic375!

  9. decided to take the day off while I waited for the login issue to be fixed.. Logging on now, will see how this goes!

  10. Patiently awaiting an interview ^_^

  11. Hi toxic375 welcome to the forums