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  1. Happy Birthday SwiftnessQc!

  2. What you doing you sexy EMT you? P.S. next time when you have your gloves on, please warm your hands up XD

    1. SwiftnessQc


      sorry been busy :o

  3. Now In A Relationship With The Sexy Currency o3o

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    2. SwiftnessQc


      jagger is jelly

    3. Boomhauer


      Good for you mate you guys will make an awesome couple hes bottom right :p

    4. Currency


      He's mine and no, I do not share well with others!

  4. Dont understad shit when you talk Canadian-french on your stream. Btw no pic only voice

    1. SwiftnessQc


      cause my stream wasnt supose to be there it started by accident and never realised it started

    2. Dolan


      Shit happens when you party naked :)

  5. Promoted To Senior EMT :D

    1. xXFallenAngelXx


      Who thought that was a good idea? (A)

  6. The Amount Of Snitch In The Server Is Killing The Server And Gameplay

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    2. Pan21

      CLPD Pan21

      This statement confuses me.

    3. DeadlyKenny


      It confuses everyone Pan

    4. Jagger


      its a QC Statement, FAKE lolol

  7. hehe accepted to CL3 tester team :p

    1. prezantz


      now test you slut

    2. SwiftnessQc


      i did :o posted quite alot of buggs

  8. Happy Birthday SwiftnessQc!

  9. Happy Birthday SwiftnessQc!