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Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love

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  4. Can someone delete my account please coz it wont let me and im tired of the emails


  5. Happppppppppppppppy Birthday!

  6. You need 10 more rep, we can do it!

  7. y u dont cum on anymore? Stupid truck!

  8. Just wanna catch you up. have been conducting extensive research and training into the EOD idea we have, have done a few test runs and all looks good… have some great data to share with you.  and some feature requests that have been put in and still might be coming…… fly the happy skies bro… catch ya later…..



    Senior Officer/FTO

    1. StrykerX

      CLPD StrykerX

      Awesome! Yeah I have been working on an EOD manual we can use to train others as well.

       I will be back home on 9th so I will be on the next day and we can catch up.

  9. Hehe…. I’m back!

  10. Hello everyone, with this post we would like to inform you that we are going to remove the RHS weapon packs. This decision is the result of an update to their EULA which says that their content can no longer be used on a monetized server. Shops that are going to be affected the most by this change are the Black Market, Attachment & Pistol Shop. Down below you can find a list of all items that are going to be removed within the next few days, in that time you have the chance to sell them back to their shops. Dan. Here’s the list:
  11. You're a cunt.

    1. PeterBush1997

      DEV PeterBush1997

      I know you are but what am I?

  12. Why is Dan so mad.

  13. yoyoyo get your ass on city life. 


  14. Still working on fixed up script errors from the Tanks DLC changes if you find any please post on the feedback tracker ASAP with your RPT and steps to reproduce
  15. I can't even pass the in-game drivers test,and now my bank account is empty,and I have no way of transportation. I'm just going to go ahead and give up,and be a homeless person and die from dehydration or starvation over and over again.

  16. Please use the bug tracker Feedback Tracker Changelog to view changes as this topic will not be updated
  17. wow now this is an old name
    CL2 memories TGC NAM and all that crazyness

  18. Hey Zero


    Hopefully plan on returning to City life soon! Hope to see you in game.

    1. Zerotoxins


      I have been in game for days lol.

    2. Armanicky


      I don't have tags or anything on teamspeak anymore, and I don't have time right now for interview and such again so I'll have to wait.

  19. Hey MrWussy


    Thinking of coming back to CityLife and you were the first person that popped into my head as my former EMT boss


    Hope to see you ingame soon.

  20. Where you hiding @Damack we need our regular repo guy back! Hope you’re good! 

    1. Damack


      Sorry bud.. Caught the flu 2 weeks ago and then been on a boy scout camping trip :/ lol.. 

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Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love


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