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City Life RPG (CL): Rules & Player Code of Conduct
As a new member, you have a responsibility to READ and UNDERSTAND the RULES which are the backbone to the harmonious running of the community.
FAILURE to read and understand the rules will automatically result in your IMMEDIATE EJECTION from the community.
You have been warned.

1.0 Members

2.0 Behaviour

3.0 Misuse and Abuse

4.0 Teamspeak

5.0 In-Game

6.0 Police Department and In-Game Justice System

7.0 Disciplinary Procedure

8.0 Administrators and Hierarchy

9.0 Glossary
10.0 Reviews/Updates/Amendments

1.0 Members [TOP]
1.1 New Members
CL aims to make all new members feel welcome and confident in their role.

  • Current members found to be disrupting their development may be removed from the server.
  • There is a symbol above new players heads an "L" is less than 12 playtime and a "P" is 12h+ playtime but less than 24h this option can be removed via the player quick menu "Settings > Remove noob marker"

1.2 Essential Software
All members must legally purchase and own the original versions:

1.3 Honesty
…is disclosing all relevant background information. Members with undesirable pasts (e.g. previous bans; not exhaustive) are encouraged to disclose any information that may affect your eligible suitability for CL membership.

  • Those who choose not to disclose such information will be identified and may result in the online publication of your game Identification (ID) and IP. (If you do not agree do not sign up)

1.4 Personal Details
CL requires particular details of all its members.

  • To register, this information must be submitted. Once submitted, the information will not be removed under any circumstances.
  • Members are required to provide their correct details including your date-of-birth. Failure to provide correct information will result in your immediate ban, no exceptions.
  • GDPR hunters we are not for profit community and do not have consumers/customers or services and do not use any data that can ID you other than for banishment purposes our servers are hosted outside the EU so we do not need to be GDPR compliant other then our promise to not ever use the data we have in conjunction with any 3rd parties, (If you do not agree do not sign up).

1.5 Age limit
All Members MUST be a minimum of 14 years of age. This is due to age-restricted in-game content and player culture.

  • The minimum age a member can register is ON or AFTER the date of their FOURTEENTH birthday. Registrations prior to this will not be accepted and may result in a ban from joining the community.
  • Failure to provide the correct Date-of-Birth (DoB) for any reason shall result in an immediate ban at any stage during the registration.

1.6 Language
All members are required to have a good ability to speak, read, write and understand the English language.

  • All posts submitted to Forums must be completed in the English language; no exceptions.
  • Members who persistently display difficulty in communicating with others may be asked to take a sabbatical to improve their English skills.
  • Those who persistently do not or cannot communicate effectively and do not show signs of improvement may be asked to leave the community.

1.7 User-names
User-names MUST only contain English A-Z and/or 0-9. They must NOT contain spaces, special symbols or non-English lettering. User-names ARE case sensitive.

  • User-names MUST be identical on the Forum, Game server, Teamspeak. If a member is found to have differing Usernames, the will be advised to make the relevant amendments. Failure to do so will result in a ban.
  • Role-play(RP) names are an in-game system and are not bound by this rule.
  • User-name amendments are not permitted at the Member's request.
  • User-names MUST not only contain numbers.

1.8 CL Launcher
Members MUST always use the CL launcher to connect to the game server to reduce the risk of abuse.

  • If you are found to be launching into the server without the CL launcher for any reason a permanent ban will be issued.

1.9 Inactive accounts
CL operates a “Snooze-u-Loose” Policy whereby inactive accounts will be discontinued to keep all members active participants in the community.

  • To keep both a website account and game server account live and active a member is advised to visit both the website and game server regularly and inside the deadline (28 days; four weeks).
  • Accounts that are inactive for more than 28 days may be reset.

1.10 Fake emails
When signing up for City Life RPG you need to use your real email address and NOT a fake email address or an email address that does not belong to you, one-time emails will be banned. 

  • Emails that do not point to a real domain server
  • Emails that are offensive or racist in nature
  • Emails that are created on a short-term basis
  • Emails that are only created for the purpose of signing up on our servers

1.11 NDA

When signing up for City Life RPG you agree that any and all development has taken place is for the use at City Life RPG.

  • You may not redistribute our content
  • You cannot use any of the content created for projects in the future without express permission from the owner of city life rpg
  • You will remain credited for all work you created in the online readme's unless you were disgracefully discharged from your role
    Your sign up is your digital signature.

1.12 VAC banned
VAC banned players are not welcome

  • If you are VAC banned for any reason at any point and are a new player you will not be validated
  • If you are a returning member and have past VAC bans this will be looked at case by case.

2.0 Behaviour [TOP]
2.1 General Respect
CL recognises that the nature of the game may occasionally involve a level of role-played abusive language and other adult content. However;

  • Such content that is considered outside the realms of roleplay will not be tolerated.
  • Petty arguments and bickering will also not be tolerated.

2.2 Discrimination
CL respects and promotes equality, diversity, self-expression.

  • Such language may be used in a role-playing scenario if it does not cause offence to others present.
  • Members who use gender, race, religion, physical/mental ability, background, etc. in a derogatory manner on the servers, forums or TS will be removed and banned at Admins discretion.
  • Repeated incidents will result in a permanent ban.

2.3 Profanity/Cursing/Swearing
CL promotes a relaxed environment and diverse culture. There are no current restrictions on cursing. However;

  • CL promotes members to be mindful of others. Those who repeatedly cause offence may face disciplinary action at Admins discretion.

2.4 Rage Quitting
…is the intentional disconnection from the server/website/internet to avoid undesirable events including, although not exhaustive of; roleplaying within the game, debate/argument with members, etc. CL promotes fair play and sportsmanship; those who chose to Rage Quit to avoid unwanted negative effects are not practising these qualities.

  • Players who are required to disconnect during an event that may be alleged under Rage Quitting should inform all relevant parties involved the reasons for the disconnection.
  • Those who legitimately disconnect during undesirable events must endeavour to make relevant arrangements to recommence a true reflection of role play concerned.
  • Those players who Rage Quit or do not seek to resolve a roleplay event after returning from a legitimate disconnection will receive either a time-limited or permanent ban.

2.5 Breaking Character

Breaking Character (BC) is defined as discussing out of game matters (relating to the game) while in the game. For example, it is considered that you are BC if you explain that the rules have been broken or that another members role-play skills are poor. Instead, you should always follow the Chain of Command in order to resolve your issue.

2.6 Fail to Roleplay

  • Fail to Roleplay(FTR), is defined as abusing systems and keybindings to gain an advantage over another side/players. A good example of this binding a key to get in the driver's seat of a vehicle while in cuffs and spamming it over and over.
  • Using side chat/radios whilst cuffed/in custody or Dead
    When players are dead, cuffed or in detention, you are not allowed to use side chat or radios/311s/141s/TS to give out info to other players to aid an escape or affect the RP scenario.

3.0 Misuse and abuse [TOP]
3.1 Multiple Accounts
CL allows ONE account ONLY per member. Members are responsible for ensuring that only one account is created per household, internet connection, phone landline or ISP contract.

  • Creating/using multiple accounts on the Forum/Game Server (GS)/Team Speak (TS) is not permitted under any circumstances. CL Rogue Detection Systems (RDT) will identify and highlight any Internet Protocol (IP) and/or Personal Computer (PC) with more than one membership account. This will result in an immediate block of the accounts concerned and the permanent ban of the IP and PC without appeal.
    There is an exception to this rule however if you have separate phone lines/IP addresses you can sign up just do not switch to the other account as that will flag a duplicate account and both will be banned. (This is still one account per member).
  • CL apologises for any inconvenience this may cause with friends and families living in the same household. We regret to inform these members that there will be no exceptions under any circumstances. CL recommends that alternative arrangements are sought where possible in order to maintain legitimate accounts.
  • Members who have forgotten their account details are advised to contact an Admin or create a post in the Help sections on the Forum. Do not create another account; this will result in a ban.
  • Members are responsible for their own accounts. Should a member forget their account details, connect using incorrect details and/or require an account reset, members will be required to donate £5 via PayPal. This is to encourage members to maintain their accounts positively. Do not create another account; this will result in a ban.

3.2 Server Spamming
… is the repeated and prolific disconnection followed rapidly by re-connection during short bursts. This can cause significant server lag. This may be caused by poor internet connection, ineffective game file set-up or malicious attacks.

  • Members found spamming any CL system will receive a permanent ban. This includes, but is not limited to; 911/141/311/ATC, Forums, TS3, in-game chat, email, Instant Messaging (IM).
  • Spamming is not an accepted method of punishment or complaint. Those with issues are advised to follow the Complaints Policy and Chain of Command below.

3.3 Prohibited Software
The use of Proxy/Anonymous IP Software is not permitted under any circumstances.

  • The use of such software for any reason will result in immediate removal from the community.

3.4 Cheating
As stated, CL promotes fair play and sportsmanship. To that end, CL does not accept members using any method to cheat by creating beneficial opportunities, improving statistics, breaching rules, foul play, etc. (this list is by no means exhaustive).

  • Where cheating is suspected, members are advised to follow the Chain of Command, discretion is advised. Whistleblowers are encouraged to provide evidence (e.g. video record) to aid Admins investigation. Malicious allegations of cheating will also not be tolerated and may result in a ban.
  • Members alleged to be cheating will be subject to Admin investigation.
  • Subject to the outcome, members may be permanently removed from CL servers and the server RPT files sent to the appropriate authorities.
  • Evidence may also be passed to Bohemia Interactive (BI) for assessment and appropriate action.

3.5 Hackers
CL endeavours to minimise the negative effects of hacking on its members.

  • Members are discouraged from generating publicity for hackers via gossip, forum posts, etc.
  • Where hacking is suspected, members are encouraged to follow the Chain of Command, discretion is advised. Whistleblowers are encouraged to provide evidence (e.g. video record) to aid Admins investigation. Malicious allegations of hacking will also not be tolerated and may result in a ban.

3.6 Player Leaching
…is a member poaching/encouraging other members to join another server/game without the expressed permission of a Super Admin and/or without this benefiting CL.

  • Members alleged to be leeching other members may be subject to account restrictions or a permanent ban dependant on severity/frequency.
  • Members who have been poached to another server/game and wish to return to CL may only do so at Super Admins discretion. Various restrictions may be placed on your account which may be subject to review.
  • Returning leached member will be banned permanently if leeching continues.

3.7 Content Leaching
…is the use, copy, theft, etc. of CL game/server content without the expressed permission of Super Owners.

  • CL content is solely created and distributed by CL Super Admins only. Members are NEVER permitted to share, sell, amend, publish, claim credit, etc. (not exhaustive) of any CL content, no exceptions.
  • Members alleged breaching this rule will be subject to Super Admin investigation. Subject to the outcome, members may be placed on account restrictions or permanently banned.

3.8 Metagaming
This term is based on the situation where you are using an external system to gain an advantage in the game and will get you banned if proven to an admin that is what you did.

  • Youtube videos
  • Live/Delayed Streams of any kind
  • TS3 Channels/Lights/Activities
  • Skype
  • Any communication system outside of the cl servers
  • Players who are currently on the server are not permitted to view other players streams who are also online at the same time.(unless permission is given by the steamer and in the case that the streamer is a COP/EMT they will need to get permission from their commander)

3.9 Max Pen
It is forbidden for civ's to pass items to other civ's inside max pen this is due to it being an exploit and not allowed if you are found to be doing this you will be punished accordingly.

3.10 Trolling
All players must respect other players from all sides this includes

  • Annoying behaviour (After being asked to stop being repetitive (E.G. Making noise for no reason for a long time))
  • Deliberately trying to ruin a players game experiences by being a fool to them
  • Harassment by calling someone salty or alike
  • Activating alarms for no reason at all
  • Detaining CIV's/EMT's in an interview room without an officer present or charges being read for a prolonged period

3.11 Video evidence
All videos must

  • Show the entire of the incident from beginning to end 
  • must not be edited or made into a cinematic (RAW footage only) 
  • Uploaded to a video hosting site

4.0 Teamspeak (TS) [TOP]

4.1 Game Server
All players must be logged on and active on the CL Teamspeak 3 server to play on the game server.

  • CL operates a strict “No mic, take a hike” Policy. Players found using voice changers will be banned without warning.

4.2 Channel/TS Kick
…is the removal from a TS channel. Only Admins have the authorisation to remove members from any server. Players may be kicked/removed from channel or TS for the following:

  • Spamming including music.
  • Open microphone silence or without a valid reason for a period of over 30 seconds.
  • Serious abusive language.
  • Super Admins may overrule the above and remove members at their discretion. Bans and removals may be reviewed by Super Admins at random to reduce misuse.

4.3 Server Status
Members are only permitted to join the game server if the “Status” channel is OPEN.

  • Do NOT join if the Status is Down or Restarting as this will result in a ban.
  • Persistent incidents will result in a permanent ban.

5.0 In-game [TOP]
5.1 Server Statistics (Stats) Reset
…is the resetting of ALL members accounts including player stats at the Super Admins discretion. This is to enable members to adopt new roles or change sides and to filter inactive accounts for a more efficient server. Members will be required to re-register an account on the Game Server. CL, under any circumstances, will NEVER refund the following on a stats reset:

  • Bank balances and/or pocketed cash
  • Vehicles
  • Items held by a player
  • Businesses and/or subsequent profits
  • Houses and/or items contained within
  • Licenses

5.2 Vehicle Storage Hiding
…is the storage of a vehicle during a Police chase when visible and/or within 200 meters distance from Police. Players are not authorised to engage in this.

  • Players found breaching this rule may result in a time-limited or permanent ban at Admins discretion.

5.3 Destruction of Vehicles
…is the theft of another player's vehicle with the intention of destroying it without role play (e.g. driving the vehicle directly into the water, deliberately driving into a wall).
Players are not authorised to engage in this.

  • Players found breaching this rule may result in a time-limited or permanent ban at Admins discretion.

5.4 Stealing/deleting donation items
…is the theft of another player's donation with the intention of destroying it.
Players are not authorised to engage in this.

  • Taking donation items or vehicles with no intention of giving it back in that server session.
  • Deleting weapon boxes with donation items in them.
  • Any other way that you remove a donation item from the server.

5.5 Repossession (Repo) Job
…is a Civilian role within CL. Players who choose to take on this role are advised to abide by the following rules:

  • NEVER drive into a crime scene without the permission of CL Police Department (CLPD).
  • NEVER remove a vehicle from the Repo Lot without expressed permission.
  • NEVER drop a vehicle in the middle of a road.
  • NEVER steal items from a reprocessed vehicle.
  • ALWAYS contact the CLPD prior to reprocessing an illegally parked vehicle.
  • ALWAYS post a Repo Log on the forum.

5.6 Buying/selling in-game items
Members have the opportunity to choose various in-game items from the CL Donation Shop. Members are permitted to buy, sell and/or trade in-game goods or cash.

  • Members are NEVER permitted to buy, sell and/or trade in-game goods or cash for real-world goods, cash, download rights, etc. (not exhaustive).
  • Members found in breach of this rule will result in an account restriction or reset.

5.7 Away From Keyboard (AFK): TS/Game Server
Members are expected to use CL Servers appropriately and use when in communication with others.

  • Members alleged to be AFK whilst on TS/Server will have one contact from an Admin. Failure to reply immediately will result in said member being kicked from the server.
  • Members who persistently practice AFK will be subject to a sanction at Admins discretion.

5.8 In-game Squad Information (XML's)
Members are encouraged to use safe websites only to improve Server performance. Members are only permitted to use an XML hosted on a non-advert site.

5.9 Death Matching
…is the random killing of one or more players on the Server without valid and/or role-playing reason or for self-seeking gains such as in-game items or player usage slots (not exhaustive). CL RPG is exactly what it says on the tin. The game aims to reflect real-life.

  • To that extent, players are not authorised to cause the death of another player on the Server for reasons considered outside the realms of real-life reflection role play; this includes Death Matching.
  • This will not be tolerated and those members that are considered acting outside the realms of role play (including Death Matching) may be issued with a time-limited or permanent ban at Super Admins discretion.
  • Vehicle Death Matching (VDM) is also covered by the same rules as Death Matching and is to be treated the same way.

5.10 Server Disruption
a ) General:
…is the intentional act to negatively affect the quality of the game.

  • This is inclusive, but not exhaustive; of blocking doors, spamming items, Death Matching and bullying. Such members may have their account Reset or Member Reported.

b ) Destruction of Primary Buildings (i.e. Main Bank, Post Office, ATMs, Factories, Car Shops, Fuel Stations):
…is the intentional damage/destruction of those buildings players use and depend on (listed above).

  • Any member who is alleged to have intentionally damaged/destroyed primary buildings will be removed from the Server and face Disciplinary action.
  • Crashing aircraft into populated areas or primary buildings is also a violation of rule 5.10 and may result in Disciplinary action.

c ) Destruction of non-essential objects:
…is the intentional destruction/damage of walls, docks, fences, etc. (not exhaustive).

  • Members intentionally destroying/damaging the above without the element of role play will also be in violation of rule 5.9 and may face Disciplinary action.

5.11 Specified Channels
Some in-game groups may choose to reserve TS channels. These channels are reserved for those members who are directly part of that group and may reject other members from using the channel.

  • Non-Police members entering a working Police channel during a game without expressed permission from the relevant parties will result in a 48-hour ban.
  • Non-Police members are permitted to enter the Request a Police Interview channel or be dragged by an officer to the Interview Room.
  • Police officers entering a Civilian channel during a game without expressed permission by the relevant parties will also result in a 48-hour ban.
  • Should the need arise, drag the Civilian into an Interview Room or use the Lobby to Ping for their attention.

5.12 Revive
…is the interaction and subsequent result between a member of the Emergency Medical Team (EMT) and a dead player.

  • Dead players waiting to be revived by the EMTs may have their items removed by other players.
  • The dead player’s body is to remain unaffected. This includes, but not exhaustive; of Tasering, handcuffing, etc.
  • Moving a dead body is permitted only when additional danger is absent and the body is left in a retrievable location e.g hiding inside a rock is not allowed whereas hiding the body in a bush is ok.
  • Players who kill others during re-spawn or revival will be Member Reported without warning.

5.13 Side Changing
Players can choose to change roles at any point but must complete a strict transition process.
Members who choose to join the Police, EMT or returning to Civilian status will have their accounts reset. This includes the following:

  • Vehicles on the Map
  • Vehicles in storage
  • Player Items
  • Player Cash
  • Player Bank
  • Player Skills
  • Player Licenses
  • Shop ownership
  • Donation goods (Donation Shop items, vehicle, cash)
  • Players found transferring cash, items, vehicles, etc. during the transition will have their accounts reset. These players will also be issued with up to a one week ban from changing sides.

    Exceptions to this rule:
    If you are giving anything to players on the same side you are currently on with no intention of getting it back in the future in any way shape or form.

5.14: EMT's
a ) General
All EMT's are protected players.

  • Other players are not permitted to steal, damage or kill any vehicle or item that belongs to the EMT service.
  • Breaches will result in a server ban.
  • Role play situations are an exception to this rule. The EMT must agree beforehand and check with their command staff first and deaths must be the last resort for said RP situation

b ) NEVER:

  • Block Police or Civilian vehicles.
  • Block criminal vehicles and/or line of fire.
  • Give Police officers a ride during patient transportation.
  • Provide information relating to crimes (unless directly involving an EMT).
  • Take items left by a dead player unless delivering to the player concerned.
  • Revive a player in a combat zone.


  • Fly low within city limits during an emergency only.
  • Charge a fee for a successful revive.
  • Park in the Police multi-story car park.
  • Inform the Police of the location of the victim.


  • Non-prejudice and non-judgemental assessment and treatment.
  • Promote multi-agency working by liaising with Police where appropriate.
  • Drive safely.
  • Use lights and sounds and bypass speed restrictions during an emergency only.
  • EMT's have to remain neutral, not supporting or helping any side in a conflict, disagreement, etc. and remain impartial. Failure to remain neutral may result in removal from EMT or a ban at the admin's digression.

6.0 Police Department (PD) and in-game Justice System [TOP]

a ) NEVER:

  • Take items left by a dead player unless returning to the player concerned.
  • Call EMT's in a combat zone.
  • Buy/sell weapons across sides


  • Fly low within city limits during an emergency only.


  • Promote multi-agency working by liaising with EMT where appropriate.
  • Drive safely.
  • Use lights or sounds and bypass speed restrictions during an emergency only.

6.1 PD Restricted Zones:

  • Inside of the entire Main PD (excludes outside gated areas).
  • Inside any Substation area (includes the outside parking lot, excludes outside the gated areas).
  • Inside Maximum Penitentiary (Max Pen; excludes outside gated areas).
  • Inside entire Jail (excludes outside of jail only if it does not cause any obstruction).
  • Inside the Bank (excludes the foyer/lobby area of the bank).
  • Any area the police actively closes down over 311.
  • Any Civilian found within CLPD zones will be required to serve 20 minutes Jail time and pay a $5,000 fine in conjunction with any other charges associated with the restricted zone violation.
  • Lethal force may be authorised when all other non-lethal avenues have been exhausted or when immediate risk is extreme and requires rapid intervention.

6.2 PD Checkpoint Buildings
…is an existing or purpose-built building for Police activity.

  • Authorised Checkpoint Buildings can be located only in areas with a clear view.
  • Police officers organising the checkpoint must justify such action (e.g. investigations regarding drugs, guns, driving offences; not exhaustive).
  • Main Cop Base road and Market Place connection road are excluded.
  • Police officers are authorised to search any player passing through a checkpoint.
  • Police officers can only arrest players passing through the checkpoint for the purpose of the checkpoint concerned and/or exercising a pre-existing warrant.
  • Offences not within the checkpoint purpose can only receive a verbal warning an confiscation of any illegal items.

6.3 Suspect Detention
Police can detain players during investigation and evidence collation of any offences concerned.

  • Police can detain players for up to one hour.
  • If the punishment for the crimes do not exceed one hour where one hour has been served, police will release such a player with a verbal apology and $1000 per full 10-minute overstay from expected Jail time as compensation; known as the “Overstay Charge”.
  • If the Overstay Charge is not fulfilled, players are advised to make a report to the Police Complaints Board to be investigated by Admins/high ranking Officers.

6.4 Player Rights during Arrest
During the arrest, Officers and perpetrators have a responsibility to ensure rights are not breached during an arrest.

  • A perpetrator has the right to know and understands the charges against them, pending Jail time and any withdrawn licences.
  • A perpetrator must be informed of the above prior to entering the Jail premises. This excludes exceptional circumstances including, although not exclusive to, Jail Breaks.
  • Where pending Jail time was not disclosed, Jail time may be cancelled.
  • Where withdrawn licences were not disclosed or withdrawn when entering the Jail cell or after Jail time is set, licences may be reimbursed or compensated.
  • Players are advised to make an official complaint where their rights have been breached.

6.5 Jail Sentence Conditions
Jail time, as stated in subsection 6.4, should be disclosed at the earliest convenience. The following may affect Jail Time:

  • Delay or non-disclosure of Jail Time may result in a reduced sentence.
  • Jail time may be reduced if custody time is spent elsewhere (e.g. vehicles, waiting in cuffs, etc.; not exhaustive) but only when in excess of 25 minutes.
  • Jail Time may be extended if a detainee breaks out of custody thus not serving the sentence. Upon re-arrest, players can expect a 30-minute extension on the original sentence.
  • Jail Time may be extended where valid evidence proving the player's involvement in another crime. Acceptable evidence includes screenshots and/or a video with clear details of the offence and offender.

6.6 Jail Timer
CL contains an idle system where players are required to keep moving. It is essential to keep moving for in order for Players Jail Time to run efficiently.

  • Detained Players that remain motionless for more than one hour will be issued an idle counter which will cease the Jail Time clock.
  • To recommence the Jail Time clock, detained players must be in-game and active a minimum of every 60 minutes.

6.7 Corporal Punishment
a) The Electric Chair
The Electric Chair is the pinnacle punishment. Players found to be abusing this punishment may be issued with a permanent ban. The Electric Chair is reserved for only:

  • the most heinous of crimes and/or
  • a sentence exceeding the set time limit of 24+.

b ) The Electric Chair Checklist:
The use of this punishment must involve:

  • Clear evidence of all the crimes concerned.
  • Where a detained player is unable to pay fees, a cap of 2 hours will be placed on execution sentences.
  • An independent review of all evidence is to be undertaken by a Commander.
  • A Super Admin must independently review all evidence.
  • A Super Admin, Commander, EMT must be present at every execution.
  • Where Super Admins and/or Commanders are unavailable, suspects may be detained for an undisclosed period.
  • Post-execution, an EMT will attempt to revive the suspect. If the suspect is revived, a 10-hour Jail sentence in Maximum Security Jail will be imposed. If the suspect remains dead, the player is free to leave.

6.8 The CL PD Computer
Police are authorised to create and maintain records on any players arrested and/or detained by the Police.

  • Records will be confidential to only the Police.
  • Records will not be removed and amended by Police only with regards to further offences.
  • Players completing the side change transition are not permitted to log into the PD Computer. Breaches may result in Permanent Bans.
  • The offender records may be subject to a Stats reset at Super Admins discretion.

7.0 Disciplinary Procedure [TOP]
7.1 Standard Actions
CL operates the above outlined “Code of Conduct” and those who chose to disrupt the community will face consequences. CL takes no pleasure in Banning Members and makes every effort to support and encourage Members to maintain their membership. To reflect this, CL exercises the standard actions system of sanctions which are subject to the severity and/or frequency of the rule breach and are at the discretion of Super Admins. This system includes:

  • Stage One: Verbal Warning.
  • Stage Two: Time-Limited Ban, Account Restrictions/Re-set.
  • Stage Three: Permanent Ban.

7.2 Member Report Procedure
…a Member Report can vary from permanent and/or scheduled restrictions and/or re-education within the community as a result of breaching any rule.

  • Member Reports will not be accepted via TS3. This includes using the Message System incorporated into TS3 or rallying players into channels with the view to discussing Member Reports rallying players to see your perspective.
  • All Member Reports MUST be posted in the Member Report section of the cityliferpg.com Forum and accompanied by supporting evidence (e.g. video footage, sound recording, screenshot; not exhaustive).
  • Member Reports posted without supporting evidence will be discarded without investigation.
  • Member Reports will be reviewed by a minimum of two Admins of cityliferpg.com and actioned accordingly.
  • Member Reports need to be run by an admin if there is one available.

7.3 Fair Punishment Guide
a ) Passwords
Members are not authorised to issue any passwords. Admins are the only persons authorised to issue passwords. Breach of this rule may result in a ban.

  • Permanent Ban

b ) AFK on Server

  • Verbal Warning + Kick
  • Verbal Warning + Kick + 24hr Ban
  • Verbal Warning + Kick + 1 week Ban
  • Permanent Ban

c ) TS Absence on Server

  • 24hrs
  • 1 week

d ) Sharing cheats/exploits

  • Permanent

e ) Using cheats/exploits

  • Permanent

f ) Using/Attempting Modified PBO's/Files to Alter your Stats

  • Permanent

g ) Racist language/abuse

  • Warning
  • Permanent

h ) Use of Global chat that effects other Members

  • Warning
  • 24hr
  • Permanent

i ) Death Matching #1
…is the constant killing of other Players for no valid reason and/or with no relevance to role play.

  • Warning
  • Permanent

j ) Death Matching #2
…is the killing of other Players for access to a certain player slot.

  • Warning
  • 24hr
  • Permanent

k ) Intimidation (non-role play)

  • Permanent

l ) Joining Cop slots to exploit limits

  • Permanent

m ) Failing to Listen to Game Server/TS Admins

  • Warning
  • 24hr
  • Permanent

n ) Theft/Destruction/Damage of EMT items/vehicle

  • 7 days
  • Permanent

7.4 Returning from a Ban

  • Players returning from a minimum an of 48 hours may be subject to further sanction under a Conditional Return.
  • Conditional Returns may include account restrictions or re-set and will be at the discretion of Super Admins.
  • Players appealing a Ban may do so by posting the reasons in full in the Unban request.

8.0 Administrators and Hierarchy [TOP]
8.1 CL Administrator Hierarchy
a) Head and Super Admins
b ) Sub/TS/Server Admins
c) Head of Ban Procedure
8.2 Super Admins Support

  • Members are not permitted to approach Super Admins directly and should refer to the Chain of Command.
  • Repeated ignorance will result in permanent bans at the Super Admins discretion.
  • CL is proud of the select and dedicated team of volunteers; full forums with enriching topics to answer any questions are also available to members.
  • Super Admins may only be approached via the Chain of Command and ONLY for serious issues.
  • Spamming, technical, verbal or written abuse/threats via e-mail/private messaging/TS/Forums to other members or CL Administrators (Admins) will not be tolerated.

8.3 Admins Decisions
An Admins decision is final. However:

  • Players may appeal final decisions; one per incident/player.
  • Players appealing decisions are advised to submit the complaint in writing on the relevant Forum section.
  • Members are advised to remain civilised and respectful whether accepting or appealing an Admins decision as issues will only cause delays.
  • Members found to be involving other Admins unnecessarily, essentially causing rifts between Admins, will be Member Reported.
  • Super Admins reserve the right to discretion and hold the overruling decision.
  • Super Admins reserve the right to make any relevant amendments to the Rules and Code of Conduct at any time. Members will be advised of amendments.

8.4 Chain of Command (CoC)/Complaints Policy
CL aims to run an enjoyable and harmonious RPG to which the members are proud to be a part of. This involves all Members to display respect and fair play to one another. If a Member is made aware of Rule breaches or lack of decorum or sportsmanship, it is their responsibility to follow the Chain of Command, here as follows:

  • Cliki – investigate the complaints relevance and significance.
  • Friends – investigate the frequency and/or severity of the issue.
  • Forum – discuss the issue in writing in the relevant Forum and section.
  • TS Helper Channel – await support.
  • Helper – discuss the issue with a view to managing or pass through the CoC.
  • TS Admin – as above.
  • Sub-Admins - Members are not authorised to contact Sub Admins directly under any circumstances. Failure to comply may result in various time-limited restrictions to your account and delays on the issue being processed.
  • Super Admin - Members are not authorised to contact Super Admins directly under any circumstances. Failure to comply may result in various time-limited restrictions to your account and delays on the issue being processed.

9.0 Glossary [TOP]

  • CL - City Life
  • RPG - Role Playing Game
  • In-Game - things within the actual game
  • TS3 - Teamspeak
  • Admin - Administrators
  • PD - Police Department
  • Cliki - CL Wikipedia
  • Channel - slot in TS
  • CoC - Chain of Command
  • Stats - Statistics

10.0 Reviews/Updates/Amendments [TOP]
Revised Version Completed and Approved – 01.07.13
Edited password rule – 04.07.13
Changed the traffic light system – 04.07.13
Changed staff list to use BBCode – 04.07.13
Fixed up a few typos – 05.07.13
Added new ban admins – 12.03.14
Added new ts admins – 02.09.14
Reworked 6.2 – 02.09.14
Added rule 3.8 - 27.11.14
Added rule 1.10 - 12.01.15
Added NDA 1.11 - 17.01.15
updated rule 3.1 - 15.04.15
updated rule 5.11 - 15.04.15
Added rule 3.9 - 06.08.15
Added rule 5.4 - 05.09.15
updated rule 3.8 Metagaming - 12/09/15
updated rule 5.14d - 12/09/15
Added rule 3.10 - 17/10/15
updated rule 3.10 - 17/10/15
Added rule 2.5 - 22/12/15
Added to rule 2.6 - 20/04/17
Added to rule 1.2 - 25/05/17
Updated to rule 1.10 - 08/09/17
Updated to rule 3.11 - 27/12/17
Updated to rule 5.9 - 05/3/18
Fixed some typos - 05/3/18
Removed apex dlc - 09/5/18
Updated a few sections - 04/7/18

BattlEye - Global Bans
If you are receiving a dialogue box that says you are subject to a BattlEye Global Ban you must be aware that City Life RPG has no power or influence over these bans.
A Global Ban is issued by a third party Anti-Cheat Software Engine. No one associated with City Life RPG can overturn a global ban nor can we appeal such a thing on your behalf.
If you believe you have been banned in error, please visit the BattlEye Support website

If your appeal is unsuccessful and you have repented and wish to continue playing ArmA then you will require a new copy of the original software.

Don't bother appealing if you have actually cheated. You will waste everyone's time and will end up in the same position you are now, banned.

Please post if you see an issue with missing content in the rules on the feedback tracker

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