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Hello everyone!

As some of you might have already heard, we are going to move to Malden !
This has been requested by many over the time since the release of the free Malden DLC and now that TeC had the chance to evaluate the island to see if it's a fit for our community, it has been officially decided to switch maps.
With these big news out in the open we already received a bunch questions from some of you. With this post I have the chance to answer them a little more detailed, hoping to clear a few things up.

When do we move?
No date has been set, a lot of work is going into the placement and fine tuning of things that are required when committing to such a huge task.

What can I do to prepare myself for the move?
There are a couple of things that you can do. We highly remommend to pack up your workbench and store your building supplies since all custom buildings are going to removed. So if you do not want to loose your supplies, make sure to store them before the move! ( We are not going to approve any replacement requests for building supplies lost due to the move.)
Also, if you own a home it's probably for the best to sell / abandon it.  Malden does not have as many buyable houses as Tanoa does so it's likely that your house will be removed. However, selling / abandon your house is going to give you some of the money back you invested in the house.

What happens to my vehicles?
Don't worry, all of your vehicles are going to be moved to the default car storage at the main airport of Malden - you won't loose any of them!

I own a few shops, what happens to them?
Another thing you do not have to worry about, you won't loose any of the shops you own.


I hope this answered any questions you may have had and we hope to see you on the island!




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Added - tool tip window to shops and trunk menus.<br style="color:#1d2129">
Added - a production multiplier to factory.<br style="color:#1d2129">
Added - 26 new items that can be made at factory.<br style="color:#1d2129">
Added - New WIP chat system.<br style="color:#1d2129">
Fixed - AI mission system.
Fixed - vehicle xfer system.
Fixed - gear being deleted when using the crate option.
Fixed - RP names not showing on some systems.
Fixed - error with AI air taxi.
changed - fixed wing aircraft trunk sizes.
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Due to multiple requests and comments we have re-enabled 3rd person view when on foot with our custom over the shoulder view

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This is a topic where all change log docs will be posted
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Click image above to visit the skin store
View the templates

Custom textures**
Want a custom uniform, Hat, Glasses, Bag or belt well this is where you need to go we can offer you a range of base templates.
1 x custom uniform skin design costs (£15) includes 2 x uniforms
1 x replacement uniform skin costs (£5)
1 x Gang Cut costs (£5)

Custom textures**
Want a customize your ride well this is where you need to go we can offer you a range of base templates (Vehicle must be owned already so that our paint shop can work on it)
1 x custom vehicle skin design costs (£25)
1 x replacement vehicle skin costs (£10)

Custom textures**
Want a custom company uniform well this is where you need to go we can offer you a range of base templates where you can either make your own of for a little bit more one of your GFX will help you create one
Package 1 (£25) normally £40
1 x custom skin uniforms design (£15)
5 x Custom uniforms (£25)
Package 2  (£40) normally £75
1 x custom skin uniforms design (£15)
5 x Custom uniforms (£25)
1 x custom vehicle skin design costs (£25)
1 x replacement vehicle skin costs (£10)
Package 3  (£65) normally £110
1 x custom uniforms skin design (£15)
10 x Custom uniforms (£50)
1 x custom vehicle skin design costs (£25)
1 x replacement vehicle skin costs (£10)
1 billboard for 6 months (£10)

(Placement is down to the dev team)
Custom textures**
Would you like your message to be seen well this the place for getting it done
1 billboard for 1 month costs (£10 Recurring 1CM)
1 billboard for 6 month costs (£50 Recurring 6CM)
1 billboard for 12 month costs (£100 Recurring 12CM)

Pick the package you require
Donate via pay-pal to citylifeweb[at]googlemail.com
Post a feature request on the feedback tracker with details of what custom skin you require and all other details that is relevant to the donation such as transaction ID, Amount, skin file(s) or a request for a custom skin(not all cars can be skinned).

Thank you for your support

The feed the server event is created when a player donates for this perk.
Server wide perks (£25)
1. Will generate a random loot kitty and announce to all players the kitty will contain items vehicles that anyone can claim.
2. Will restock the fuel and ingame stock supplies.
Player even perk (£35)
1. The skiller - Find and kill the skiller this will give the player who kills him some skills
1. The security take down- Find and kill the cash van this will give the player who kills him some money
** Custom textures are created and maintained by the dev team this means that we have final say if this suitable no copyrighted content, no abusive symbols or racist references.
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The last few days we started to implement the new building system into the server and its now up and running and good to use i would like to thank the Ginny pigs and all the work they have put into making this system run smooth.

All buildings created pre today will now all have the bark texture this is due to a new way we have designed how to add new skins to building sections in a uniform way and to add backward compatibility we decided to swoop over to a basic section rather then a database reset sorry for this inconvenience but i hope you enjoy all the new sections added by this update and the speedy additions of new ones moving forward.

Server saving is now fixed and a lot faster then before down from 429 seconds down to 100 (still needs more optimising)

Dynamic config builder:
Tec created a system so that when we add a new texture to the builder system it will dynamically create all defines and configs for all the different sections as to have a full uniform set based off the single texture with out the risk of missing any parts out. The aim of this system is to grow the builder with less effort needed and avoid mistakes. (there is still a lot of icons needed to be created but for now they will use the texture as a place holder)
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Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love

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