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  1. wtf :o dude srsly?!:o ure an EMT now?!

  2. If Anybody Needs Me, I'll Be In My Truck

  3. I Wish There Was an Aventador For CL...

  4. I Wanna Drive on The Hilux :'(

  5. Noooooooo xD Well not for long ;)

  6. Damn, I Wanna Drive On The Hilux :'(

    1. Phelps


      ;-) u gotta stick with ur GAZ lol.
    2. Carrythxd


      Nooooo xD Well not for long ;)

  7. Driving On a Honda Civic in CL Makes Me Sad ;'(

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Tobiashop


      Well, its an affordable car, the most expensive I ever had was a Roadrunner, got hit by a huge fucking F150 an hour after that. My advice is to not get a car that goes over 100 :3

    3. Carrythxd


      LoL, The Civic cost about 5k and goes 105 :D

    4. Tobiashop


      *No comment available

  8. Keep An Eye On Your Car ;)

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