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  1. I have a blue name again. not as dark as i would like it but we shall see in due time.

  2. been playing on the server for the last couple days. I'm back to looking for a new job as well.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Roczok
    3. Zackcb


      -1 Not qualified who is this guy? :p WB

    4. AngelFireDK


      I think I stumbled upon him at some point zackcb at PDHQ in the woman lockerroom :p ... cya friday tango :)

  3. Out Trucking

    1. ArMaTeC
    2. Tangobird


      For now I'm just a ghost with a dream.

  4. Been over a year since i left PD and people still shocked and asking why i am not PD anymore.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. daniele01


      Still part of the furniture, I guess

    3. Tangobird


      i'm sure one day i'll be back.

    4. daniele01
  5. Nearly a Year after I left CLPD i still get asked why i left.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DeVegas


      Well why did you?

    3. Java


      Just saw your name and thought "why the fuck is he an emt"

    4. Tangobird


      Left because of activity. Was gone most of the time.

  6. I noticed that being an EMT often mirrors the job of cashire. Long periods of idleness, often understaffed, and when you finally have something to do its always in waves.

  7. I wouldn't mind opening a betting house for CL3.

  8. Whats on your mind? Quit asking me that when i click on my profile

  9. Higher end computer parts inbound.

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    2. Sherman
    3. Ekloef


      finally you should be able to play Arma 2 without your computer taking a massive shit.

    4. Tangobird


      ah, hamsters. should of thought of that before i bought the mice.

  10. time for a new life. where to begin?

Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love

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