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  1. Happy Birthday Click!

  2. I'm a senior officer now and just time to continue with my duties.

  3. Well new avatar time along with the next video idea should be up soon so keep an eye out in the advertising section of the forums.

  4. Look out a new fully fledged officer is on the street

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    2. Sinc


      Hehe good luck out there Click ;)

    3. Weiz


      Wear your vest, those streets are wild!

    4. Zackcb


      Click you're the only cop that I would let arrest me. <3

  5. Finally finished the video and how time to get back into it

  6. Back in the CLPD so let's see what's coming for me this time around

    1. Weiz



    2. Hawk


      Congrats Click. As a long term member, I have to say...you were one of the most helpful cops the last time I played! Great that you're back on the force.

  7. Woop just finished moving now time to get back to normal CL and videos

    1. Dan


      Welcome back, Click! :)

    2. Jamie1234


      I hope you had a smooth move buddy!

  8. CL3 Guide is taking a break after this week's episode and will be back in July.

  9. Happy Birthday Click!

  10. 21st birthday today and time for a quiet time in with family

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    2. EternalOptimus


      Happy bday click!!! Hope you enjoy it

    3. DeathWatchPaul


      HBD mate have fun :)

    4. Click


      Thank You very much guys

  11. 21st birthday today and time for a quiet time in with family

  12. After 3 years now to the day of having the same message I've decided to change the message so here it is 3 years of CL and just changing the profile feed.

    1. falcos



    2. Zedd


      Grats mate!:)

  13. Happy 3 years on CL Click

    1. Click


      Thank you very much Paul.

  14. Click, i want a tour of the jail... Soooo basically what im saying is expect crime rates to go up :D

  15. Happy Birthday, AgentX have a good one

    1. AgentX


      Thanks Click, can only hope so for today.