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  1. Happy Birthday Deadeye!

  2. He's back, by the way please accept my early application for a company spot :)

  3. as a person who studies mechanical engineering and jetengiens for a living, how one of the safest planes in modern history vanishes, without crew intervention is beyond me

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    2. RECHillick


      I know lad its crazy

    3. Tai


      Transponder shut off, and flying bellow radar I presume. Latest update is the plane flew west.

    4. Deadeye


      yea and with a 777 redundancy that can only be done by someone on the plane, i've been waiting for the release of ACARS data for last few days to see what that indicates the engines were doing after that time, however lots of people misunderstand civilian radar, it dosn't pick up radar signals like a military search and track, it is dependant on transponder data, if the transponder what shutoff, it drops of civilian ATC radar screens however it for all well and purposes could still be flying, wait and see what ACARS says

  4. So with a recent update of the ban committee does that mean votes on a certain request still stand or does a revote take place??

    1. Sjonkovic


      Still stands, just more ppl to be able to vote.

    2. Deadeye


      Thanks SJ for your prompt response :)

  5. Moving house in next couple of weeks, hopefully the previous occupants havn't played City Life

    1. Deadeye


      unless it dosn't matter that your IP changes after registration??

    2. xXFallenAngelXx


      Considering most ISPs give you a dynamic IP that switches occassionally. It should be no problem.

  6. 10 days off work and uni, down to sydney

  7. Happy Birthday Deadeye!

  8. check my PD complain, i think its time civs knew this sorta stuff

  9. i hope Kim jong-un's next missile lands on this DDOS's house, with the noobness of north korean technology i guess anything is possible :p

  10. Hi Deadeye welcome to the forums


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