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  1. ziplock bodybag, toe tag, wet t shirt black mask

    1. ofpMisterguy


      where's the party at?

  2. Taking your hard earned shit since 2012â„¢

  3. Happy 3 Years homie, it's been too long.

  4. Happy Birthday mate, long time no see. how are you doing?

    1. DegoLocc


      Good man, and thanks for the Bday wishes. Hows things with you?

    2. Treffnix86


      pretty good, I joined PD a few weeks ago. Being a civ was just too safe without Los Zetas ;-)

  5. lol good job busting those cherno taints (saints), those little assclowns never learn!

    1. Smir


      Detective Smir. ;)

  6. razer naga took a shit when i static shocked it with my hand

    1. MrDodgeballWizard


      fuck man! that blows. my naga hasnt crapped out on me yet

  7. You guys are off the hook until my new mouse arrives...... :p

  8. Congratz on member of the month homie, you earned it!

    1. AgentX


      Thanks man, first time for everything I suppose!

  9. Updated my profile song, was a song we made two years ago, but never released because it didn't mesh well with our other stuff. It's more mellow.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DegoLocc
    3. CheefReef


      Damn This Shit Is HARD!

    4. DegoLocc


      thanks guys, yea mike, music is a lot of work. been working on some black metal stuff too.

  10. Congrats on the top spot for time played good sir !

  11. People are gaining there confidence in there saftey at factory............WHERE YOU AT MAN!!!!

  12. Hi DegoLocc welcome to the forums


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