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    So you like to know a little about Falcos?

    First off lets start with the Real Name of Falcos aka Thomas McDonald I Live stream for fun and to chill out with other Zombie fans so if you too love the undead follow me. There is not much to me am your typical gamer I grown up In Liverpool but have family in Scotland, am English and have a massive love for anything undead or zombie related and love on-line gaming, and writing my own Resident evil fanfics stuff. and a massive airsoft fanatic. and I love to do cosplay so feel free to add me and follow my gaming life or airsoft / cosplay life style

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  1. @Legion Members Air/LMG Training is canceled for to night iv got family issues @Sherman ill have a chat about you joining us if other member can please say hi to him show him around sorry once more.

    1. Jimz


      ffs falcos

    2. Asus


      Hope all's good boo.

  2. Happy Birthday falcos!

  3. CLN could use some good storys with photos for this months paper feel free to inbox/pm me on here with your story's

    1. Salazar


      One of the cops should have a nice screenshot of a hostage situation, dont remember his name soz :p

    2. Froz3nWolf


      there is this story going around about @Denbus getting 1.3 million from his dad in CL

    3. Whiskey


      Rumor has it there's a badman back in town ;)

  4. CLN could use some good storys with photos for this months paper feel free to inbox/pm me on here with your story's

  5. Happy Birthday falcos!

  6. aut vincere aut mori

    1. Kellee


      jesus lol i saw the blue name and thought you were PD for a sec there

    2. Click


      I know what you mean ;)

    3. mitchblack


      Much meaning, much feels

  7. Dev Guest dose not half change nice people in this community into fucking ass holes, My shitlist is getting bigger.

  8. Its nice to be back home.

  9. Day 10 in the big brother house and falcos Pc still no where to be seen.

    1. mitchblack
    2. MrDodgeballWizard
    3. Sinc


      look on the bright side you got plenty of time to clean the house ;)

  10. @Valdar Happy 50th birthday you old bastard I glad we meet man.

  11. need a Coast-2-Coast forum banner made hmmm.