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  1. Happy Birthday Arkavari!

  2. Happy Birthday Arkavari!

  3. Happy Birthday Arkavari!

  4. Back into the fray.

  5. Firing them rogue officers. @Aims @Eric519 @GymShowers

  6. Stoked to be going to Spain and France this summer! :D

    1. GymShowers
    2. Fatal


      Congratz im an american i took french all through high school so i went on a trip to France after and all i can say is Beautiful country, some nice people, and lots of rude a$s people!

      No offence to any Frenchies

    3. Axel


      Come to belgium, to meet Dutch, French, German, Turkish and Marrocan people within a 1 hour time period!

  7. Stoked to be going to Spain and France this summer! :D

  8. Going back to EMT's, Oh how I have missed you!

  9. Happy Birthday Arkavari!

  10. Made Counter Narcotics! WIN!

    1. Asus
    2. Salazar


      Now we just need some more CN slots ingame available to us :p

    3. Babylon
  11. Need to play CL, just to much homework. >.<

    1. Arkavari


      that is pure BRILLIANCE! why didn't i think of that?

    2. Arkavari


      I suppose so, someone left me out of the loop.

  12. Hi Arkavari welcome to the forums