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  1. Still working on fixed up script errors from the Tanks DLC changes if you find any please post on the feedback tracker ASAP with your RPT and steps to reproduce
  2. Please use the bug tracker Feedback Tracker Changelog to view changes as this topic will not be updated
  3. Hi all its with a sad heart i am to inform you that SABER will no longer be updating his aircraft pack so we will be removing them on friday so please sell up your sab aircraft asap as there will be no replacements after this date 12/1/18
  4. Due to the new building system as of 2018 the house trunk will be fully disabled this will mean any items you have in them at this time will be lost forever. We will not be removing the save and garage options only storage for now
  5. No big changes today just reworking the k9 system for both civs and cops should be done tomorrow I hope. Also added first iteration of the new bank not tested fully yet as dogs took over today.
  6. Changes Fixed: Corrected several location where you login name is used rather than your RP name !call911 for example Fixed: Fishing Storage Bug where the catch would be added with decimal points creating a under/over stock issue. Fixed: Vehicle radio volume now works correctly in multiplayer Fixed: Skyscrapers Near Mall - Bulletproof Glass Fixed: GEO on the courthouse loading bay Fixed: Mirror glass texture on the courthouse Fixed: Restrictions on cops and emt from some !chat commands Fixed: High Pressure Water killing people Added: F-Feed (Force feed) system this allows you to force a player to consume items Added: Underground cost so it now will cost you cash Added: Hideobject to the player when using the underground
  7. Added: Volume control to vehicle music player(Broken in MP will look at it tomorrow) Changed: Plant Growing times Weed takes: 00:21:23 Olive takes: 00:15:38 Opium takes: 00:32:18 Coca takes: 00:37:46 Mushroom takes: 00:06:56 Banana takes: 00:17:56 Updated: Dynamic city limits map (Thank you @taikoo)
  8. More chat changes Added: Better notification of 311/141/911 messages Added: Message life time so instead of old data being kept for ever it will now clean up on its own over time System messages 10 minutes Private messages 60 minutes Chat messages 30 minutes Changed: Altered all controls so they no longer flash and change the text color Added: Better support for the @ key on different keyboard layouts Shift + ' //QWERTY Shift + 2 //Dvorak,Colemak Alt GR + 2 Alt GR + Q //QWERTZ Alt GR + 0 //AZERTY Tweaked: Damage system
  9. More chat changes Added: Anti spam system Added: New chat filter and clean routine to keep the messages under their limit while keeping the order Changed: RSC chat display popup font to use a default to prevent jumping of the window () Fixed: Issue where buying shops with an empty owner would not take cash from you when buying Added: SFX to private messages
  10. Changed: Chat system Added: Chat rooms for lobby, private and system Added: Chat history with the up and down arrows it will recall last message up to 10 Tweaked: 311,141 and 911 now always show as red Damage system changed i hope for the better (needs testing) Known issues: Private chat not working
  11. Added - tool tip window to shops and trunk menus. Added - a production multiplier to factory. Added - 26 new items that can be made at factory. Added - New WIP chat system. Fixed - AI mission system. Fixed - vehicle xfer system. Fixed - gear being deleted when using the crate option. Fixed - RP names not showing on some systems. Fixed - error with AI air taxi. changed - fixed wing aircraft trunk sizes.
  12. We are currently in the process of adding the dynamic role play name system in to the mod this allows you to use an alternative name on the server. Due to a optimization issue there is a lot of stress added to the client and the server causing low FPS @ArMaTeC will be working on optimizing the system more tomorrow morning and he hopes all will be back to normal. We would like to apologise for any delays or game play effecting issues this causes.

Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love


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