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  1. Cocaine now increases strength and the amount you can carry. Once have have processed your coca plants at the factory you get cocaine. Using Cocaine will give you +7 strength for every unit used. So for instance if use 5 cocaine =36 more strength. It does go down over time. Using cocaine will mean you can carry more and you will see your max weight to carry limit increase.
  2. It could be turned into something that gets saved when the server saves, but hoping this will be enough for the time being. we shall see how it goes
  3. ***********UPDATE 19/11/11*********** A players factory queue should now be saved even on a server reboot/crash, providing the server has completed a save loop while your processing. A quick save loop happens every 15 mins and complete save loop (saves all vehicle info) happens every 60 minutes. You only need it to complete a quick loop while processing for it to have stored your queue up until that save. This means players have more security when processing large amounts, and less is lost should the server go down at any point during your processing ***** 17/10/11 ArMaTeC implemented a feature request for the Factory to store the queue in if you get disconnected. I can confirm this is working as I tested it today. Example Items loaded into factory and creating, you then get battleyed, you can log in and what was left in your queue will still be there, there's no need to go and start from scratch. This at the moment only works for clients disconnecting, should the server restart or crash what was in your factory queue will not be there when the server goes up and will be lost.
  4. New players will appreciate this. good call and get better soon bro.
  5. We still use cherno, non of the OA maps are suitable as you say.
  6. ROFL, sounds like you would have bin happier in a travelodge in cardiff hahaha.

Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love


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