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  1. Haven't seen you in ages bitch

    1. rolecrafter


      True, been having alot of personal shit the last like 2 nearly 3 weeks, will see me again in the next few days :) Either on cl2 or 3. (Probs both lol)

  2. Zacharyn is proud of his transgender mother Falcos

    1. Zacharyn


      And it's ginger nips.

  3. You built it in yet?

    1. Sjonkovic


      Sir, Yes, Sir !

      Last time was a type-O, it's a 700W PSU, built in and purring like a kitte...PSU.

  4. Whiskey Loves a meaty baton in between his cheeks

    1. CheefReef


      Well Who Doesnt!

  5. off global you scruby cunt

  6. Zach is hung like a hampster

    1. Zacharyn


      Fucking giant hampster

  7. SJ is AWOL again :(

    1. Sjonkovic


      Sorry m8, my PSU short circuited and died.

      Currently in the process of begging to borrow cash for a new one.

      Hope to be back soon...

    2. Sjonkovic


      Looks like i don't have to steal as the begging to borrow seems to get me somewhere.

      With some borrowing and early xmas gifts i've ordered a new psu. :)

      (Turns out my video card needs 2x pci-e power lines so a cheap psu is a no go.)

    3. Sjonkovic


      I'll be gone during x-mas, but should have the new psu installed soon after i get back.

  8. Where the fuck are you SJ?

    1. Sjonkovic


      Calm down to a panic m8...I'm here :)

    2. Sjonkovic


      Still here buddy :)

  9. you wont be playing city life then
  10. We can upload it to any site at 100mbps form our dedy server. We dont have a bandwith limit but to keep the game running smooth we don't want masses of people download from the server whilst people are playing.