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  1. Hello dude hows things?

    its been a while.

    1. Icon


      hey man :D things are going really good lately, four more exams and I’m finished with university?

      how are you doing, mate?

    2. DeathWatchPaul


      am good mate same old same old,

      hope to see you on CL mate when you get some free time ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Icon!

  3. Happy Birthday Icon!

  4. Happy birthday mate

  5. Summer is finally over and I'm back, it was fun visiting egypt and tunisia :) missed you all

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    2. Icon


      I will try mate as soon as I get some activity ;) anything changed?

    3. Roczok


      YEAH a lot man

    4. Roczok


      Lots of shiny guns

  6. Icon! Come back to!

    1. Icon


      summer vacation mate :D comeing back in 2 weeks.

    2. Roczok


      Aww man, I'm back in pd lol. Can't wait to see you on the server! :D

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    2. ArMaTeC


      was just testing the poke system you're not that special mate sorry

    3. Java


      Hey look the forum's like facebook! :D

    4. Jimz


      nothing like a pokey bum wank

  7. Joined CN, first day 150 k just from removing drugs ^^

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    2. CodyHDx


      You'll never get mine!!

    3. Hawkace22
    4. rolecrafter


      I will break into your factory's while you are asleep and steal every single bit of dope you got ! O-o

  8. Greeeeed where are you bud?

  9. Got fired, time for CL I guess ^^

    1. rolecrafter


      better search a new job bud

    2. MrSoundGuy


      Invest in a business of your own work when you want how you want. <3

    3. Icon


      It was seasonal job anyway :)

  10. Happy b-day have fun today

  11. Happy Birthday Icon!