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  1. where do I find the song track "Back 2 Back B"  that exist in the vehicle radios?

    1. D1G1TALX

      CIV D1G1TALX

      Anonymous said to look here: https://goo.gl/xOJDDe

  2. Happy Birthday FreakyClown!

  3. Happy Birthday FreakyClown!

  4. Others: we hate you! me: why? Them: cuse you are awesome

    1. Salazar


      If u sell me a crown vic patrol ill say youre awesome too :p

  5. Gotta love ppl who take everything so serious

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. lukesteophens


      Sinc will uaslly get his man xD any way I am staying out of this don't wanna be shouted at :(

    3. Sinc


      haha seems like you take it serious anyway mr. Freaky ;)

    4. FreakyClown


      look who is talking about me taking something seriosly..


      You sir should stop. before you title your self to Mr.Fail

  6. Hi FreakyClown welcome to the forums