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  1. yo buddy i started playing lol on my shitty laptop. account name is leodimas. add me for instalock gg

  2. you would have a call me maybe parody.. lol

    1. GymShowers
    2. IncognitoSniper77


      Haha Looked at this page and laughed my ass off

  3. Well this is awkward... Vincent is also from the Netherlands and literally has the same name as you but the X, dont join PD things would get confusing lol

  4. Making Videos for City Life!

  5. 4 more days till im unbnned!

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    2. PHAL


      Since there was a roleback on the database i still have the Dodge SRT and you should still have your 200k, let me know if you still want to trade once you are back?!

    3. reblerts


      yea i will want to, though it might have ate my 200k =/

    4. PHAL


      Shouldnt have, hope not anyway!

  6. Happy Birthday Click!

  7. Watching Breaking Bad over again, waiting for the server to come back up

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    2. reblerts


      kickass torrents

    3. terrence


      Ya same here just Dexter. Going thru CityLife withdrawals

    4. Clutchie
  8. Sort of lost without the game.... i need a life.

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    2. reblerts


      Haha that is perfect :p

    3. Mikael912


      I just hope it gets up sometime tomorrow. Then atleast the weekend won't suck:P

    4. reblerts


      I'm wishing the same thing man

  9. Hi reblerts welcome to the forums

Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love

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