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  1. AdmirlaSean, more like Admiralbirthdaywhore!

  2. Happy birthday

  3. Happy Birthday AgentX!

  4. Happy Birthday, AgentX have a good one

    1. AgentX


      Thanks Click, can only hope so for today.

  5. Happy birthday o_O

  6. Happy birthday, Click!

  7. Happy birthday, muh fucka!

    1. ChrizPR


      Thank you my sweet little hipster bitch. :)

  8. Congratz on member of the month homie, you earned it!

    1. AgentX


      Thanks man, first time for everything I suppose!

  9. Soo Those Red Lights Doe * Wink Wink

    1. AgentX


      Did your engine blow just like you did with those red lights? haha

    2. Jagger
  10. Happy Birthday AgentX!

  11. Hi AgentX welcome to the forums