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  1. Happy Birthday massidiot!

  2. Happy Birthday massidiot!

  3. Proud owner of Arma 3 Alpha :D

  4. Great it snows just before I go out to get food for the next week, oh well might have to eat at the bar and wouldnt that be a shame ;)

    1. Sjonkovic


      Just order something, so someone else has to go trough the snow. :-P

    2. massidiot


      I live in England, the whole country breaks down over a little flurry, I have a car but i dont want to drive in it

    3. ofpMisterguy


      lol..@sj...u mean man mean

  5. Back at uni tomorrow, which means back on city life for my 3rd year anniversary... oh wait, whats that? "There will be no internet access on the 5th and 6th January... Great, at least I might get decent internet speeds now (wishful thinking)

  6. Hope everyone had a good new year, and everyone has a good 2013 :)

    1. RECHillick


      Great year :) Have a good one mate

  7. Found out how to add a video to my profile, enjoy!

    1. DrewISGod


      You will die for this

    2. massidiot


      Glad you enjoyed it

  8. Just Realised ive almost been here 3 years if my profile is correct

  9. Been practicing helicopter skills, high speed low level flying seems to be good still just need to practice high speed landings :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. massidiot


      I mean coming in low and fast with a gentle landing... tactical manouve to get people in and out of a sticky situation :p

    3. Warden


      Yeah I know. It was a joke.

    4. massidiot


      I thought so but wasnt sure if you misunderstood haha XD

  10. Gunna apply for CLPD again, need referances, anyone able to help me out? :p

  11. Drive it like you stole it :D

    1. PvtJelo


      Love that song <3

    2. massidiot


      lol didnt know it was a song, I just heard the phrase somewhere and I was having alot of fun in my evo at the time (on roads people dont use to be safe :p)

    3. PvtJelo
  12. Internet will be down untill next week :'-(

  13. Haven't seen Tuxor for a while :L