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  1. Merry christmas everyone. I will be gone till after christmas due to job at GameForge as programmer on a new game. Cya! :-)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Babylon


      Me too, if anyone wants to see the beta version, you can look the browser based 'Goblin Keeper' up.

    3. Tobiashop


      What part of the game are you developing? Then I'll know who to look after in the credits ;)

    4. Axel


      Looks promising, the best of luck developing it!

  2. Went to bed at 10 pm, sleep at 5 am.. Nice to have the flu.. :(

  3. Apps open for CLPD if you live in Australia (Time zone) or the European time zone.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Babylon
    3. Babylon


      But good to see Civs thinks CLPD is attractive to apply to again. :)

    4. Jok3R


      just can't wait for the us timezone to open up lol.

  4. Solution found: I called them and said if they was not comming within a hour i would go down to the box with a screwdriver and enable my internet again - They came 12 minutes later ! :D

  5. My ISP fucked up in their system, so it looked like i havent paid a bill in 2012.. lol.. My TS server and myself is therefor without internet (I am still yelling at them for getting their asses back to my house and open up). Cya later, hopefully later today.

    1. Babylon


      "We need a re-opening fee for comming out to you".. WTF?.. 145 USD is many money to pay because they fucked up..

    2. Babylon
  6. Working on the last signatures for PD.

  7. Do you want to become an officer in City Life?.. Now you have the chance.. We search for new officers, so go and read the requirements and fill an app. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheZunzeT


      Only traffic department needs abit more people in my oppinion, no idea why you would open patrol again xD

    3. Babylon


      Traffic department does not exist anymore. Its now called 'Traffic Division' and is a division under CLPD.

    4. AgentN


      Its always a good idea to welcome more people into PD. I know a lot of people that have been trying to join for a long time and they are the kind of people that have been playing long enough to understand the seriousness and roleplay of PD. So if your in PD and think that apps should be closed, please give other people a chance..you never know unless you try.. :)

      And Babylon good to see you taking charge

  8. It's official - I will be the new commander of the patrol !!!.. Thanks for all who voted on me!

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. GymShowers


      Ohh. Looking good.

    3. VoodooActual


      This is really bad - The CLPD are now going to start pillaging towns :(

    4. AgentN


      Congrats, I remember when you were just a recruit..they grow up so fast =')

  9. it was possible to get the neck back into position with a morphine injection and a little help from a chiropractor. Now i need to rest the rest of the week, and hope for the best :)

    1. KongMartin


      good luck with the neck mate.

    2. Whiskey
    3. VoodooActual


      Damnit, clearly my ETU Neck-Break didn't work effectively enough :( get well soon bud

  10. I got told by my doctor that i have "a slipped disc" in the neck. This ofc means i maybe need surgery :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AngelFireDK


      my bf have been living with that since his young years due to a moped acciden ofc depends how bad it is if surgery is needed

    3. tarix
    4. Vincent


      sorry to hear that, hope you will be alright :)

  11. is ill because of a neck injury. Will hopefully be back tomorrow

    1. Babylon


      Thanks mate. It hurts like hell. Cant sit, cant watch televsion, cant stand up and cannot even play computer.. it sucks!

    2. Skoal


      Get better dude. :(

  12. What a fine day today :D

    1. KongMartin


      oh yes! tell me about it.. poolparty with skinny bitches and cold beers today :D

  13. Hackers hack and gets banned, admin do a small rollback & everything is back at normal.. What are you winning?.. Dont hack, just play the mod ffs?..

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