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  1. Bloody fainted the day in the kitchen, luckily I was around family and they caught me before I fell to the ground freak everyone out lol, no idea why i fainted, been feeling light headed all day. Probably go to the docs on Monday. NHS 24 told me to go to the out of hours GP 20 miles away, but no way to get there.

  2. 2 years already, not too bad i think :p

  3. Jesus that six nation finals between Ireland and France was soo close, but well won by Ireland

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Smythers


      It was Drian o'driscoll's(BOD) last ever match for Ireland

    3. Java


      First time they beat France since 2000 I believe :x

    4. zachery
  4. Hopefully getting my first car tomorrow.

  5. Who knew looking for an apprenticeship can be so fucking hard, I have been very unlucky lately, 4 interviews done and still nothin :(

  6. Going to hirbernate from CL for a while, or atleast until PD gives me an update, I bloody hate civ side :p

    1. ChrizPR
    2. zachery
    3. EchelonHawkeye


      might take 20 days or greater for an update zach. dont hold your breath.

  7. Weather at my bit is horrible, its making my internet connection slow and shitty.

  8. Well, I failed my driving test today because my mind went blank at a roundabout, but at least I got accepted into PD which is nice

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    2. GaaamleDreng


      But... It's just a roundabout?

    3. zachery


      This roundabout is like no other roundabout...You know roundabouts are round in most cases well this roundabout was like a big oval with a big concrete pillar in the middle blocking view of everything.. I just went into the wrong lane for going into the 2 exit.... My mind just went blank :(

    4. GaaamleDreng


      It's ... a... roundabout....

  9. Why the fuck isn't it snowing ?!, This is Scotland , get your act together weather !...ffs

  10. your responses to the interview requests are hilarious haha you made my day seeing them. cheers mate

  11. Kumbaya my mother fuckin lord......cuban pete

  12. Second Helper app put in, I hop to hell I become a helper

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    2. DeadlyKenny
    3. zachery


      I love the support yous all give me.

    4. xXFallenAngelXx


      I'm sure its your karmic balance that gives you such great support ya bellend :p

  13. Hi zachery welcome to the forums

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