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    North Augusta, SC
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    College Student for Criminal Justice, spend most my free time at the lake jet skiing and boating, hanging with friends and best of all CL

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  1. Happy Birthday TuxedoBlue92!

  2. what a beautiful way to spend my birthday!!! here with my CL family

    1. xReladinx
    2. Fabiano


      Congratulation TuxedoBlue...happy birthday buddy

  3. Happy Birthday TuxedoBlue92!

  4. oh my god look who it is Whats up old school partner lol

    1. TuxedoBlue92


      holy fuck balls i havent seen you in forever!!!! where the hell you been man

    2. sleepwalka


      well that bitch of a storm came through NJ sandy that bitch wreck my shit.but im back and ready to go nuts again lol.i need to start fresh with my PC so don't have citylife on it just arma2.i know you can help.hit me up with message.

  5. night night, need rest to break stress <3

  6. movin baco to GA soon

    1. Hoaz


      *drools* mmmmM Bacon.

  7. been working waaayyyy too hard :p love the money though. i'll be back as soon as possible guys :D

  8. Break ups suck. depression is even worse.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Eric519


      one of the reasons I have been single and have a hard time being committed to someone lol, I felt like I wasted 3 years of my life with my ex just to see her slowly turn into a cold hearted bitch

    3. TuxedoBlue92


      #singlestatus lol gonna keep it that way for a bit. i can do bad on my own

  9. JUST now able to log into my account. for some reason my phone has been blocked from the website. will be back home tomorrow evening EST

  10. Time for another night of drinks and VIP at Off the Hookah Ft Lauderdale

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    2. Theonlyoliver


      Oakland area. Moving next year though.

    3. TuxedoBlue92


      oh cool. i party off oakland just about every wknd

    4. Theonlyoliver


      Hahaha, nice. An okay area depending where your at.

  11. stayed up all night remodeling my bathroom. must say, im pleased