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  1. Just listening to Aims getting way too over excited over a pizza.

    1. AgentN


      Do you like cheese?

  2. Am I the only person in the world who doesn't like LMFAO?

    1. falcos


      yes yes you are now time to party rock

    2. xXFallenAngelXx
    3. Davidc437


      Yay, finally another person! Oh, and screw you falcos! :p

  3. In jail for running over a silly cyclist :D

    1. johntis
    2. Davidc437


      You realise I posted this over a year ago?

    3. johntis


      lol i thought it was still 2011 xD

  4. loves the look of lingor

  5. can finally log in to the website, thank the lord!

  6. crashed into a house at high speed and died, got revived and died again from alchohol poisoning, then again from placing a sign..... Life is good......... :'(

    1. Tuxor


      And I'm going to drink untill I die for not recording this

  7. ah! you can see me at 2:41 ! :D although the video keeps stopping for me :/

  8. Bank roberry from last night :

  9. where are the cops recently?

  10. want to go on server, but its being restarted :'(

  11. Wondering if that civcom fishmongers is a permanent shop, or just gets a table setup after a restart?

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