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  1. CL3 is definitely going to be the most anticipated mod, I can't wait to its released but for now.. work work and more work :(

  2. Having to halt my cl3 experience becuase my computer went super slow :(

  3. Its a real shame when silly grudges take away from the Roleplay Aspect!

  4. Been Civ, Been EMT, Been PD, Now lets try out everyjob as Civ :)

  5. Been Civ, Been EMT, Been PD, Now lets try out everyjob as Civ :)

  6. Aaahh! Summer ends.. Now just thinking of ideas of CL3. It could have so much to offer ... The minda sails on :)

  7. These Commander votes seem to be making breaks instead of bonds within the PD.

    1. xXFallenAngelXx


      Differing opinions is perfectly normal and to be expected. Its why we have a public vote in the first place, to see what the majority opinion is.

    2. JamieShields


      Yeah I know. But if it was a public vote which the results weren't displayed until the vote had completely finished people wouldn't try and get needless votes to by pass other people or viceversa. The results would be results at that would be it.

    3. xXFallenAngelXx


      They would lol just they wouldnt be able to prove they needed to do that, wont stop them trying it.

  8. CityLife News is back up and Running PM if anything interesting happens!

  9. Good guy, u gave me a lift when i was running from berezino to cherno :D tnx


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. JamieShields


      It would be great as its own game.. you could add so much to it..

    3. JamieShields


      You wouldnt be restricted inwhich engine you wanted to use!

    4. MrFata


      From what Ive seen Dayz Standalone is using Arma 3's engine.

  11. Lol i went to give you an award for playing 7 days and after I gave it, it said 7 days ingame time =0, my bad.

  12. Hi JamieShields welcome to the forums

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