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  1. PIG :)

    1. Clutchie


      :LOL: how have you been, milma

  2. Happy Birthday Clutchie!

  3. Happy Birthday Clutchie!

  4. After much time in PD, I return to civside to strengthen my criminal side. <3

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    2. PHAL


      No more cops are allowed to leave PD I've decided! if you do you'll be fired!!

    3. Zackcb


      LOL! But of course you fail a bank robbery on your first day and get arrested! ;)

    4. zachery
  5. We both joined CL with in 2 days of each other, and we both joined PD at the same time, and we did our training together, I fucking love krewella. Zack, I think we were meant to be.

    1. Zackcb


      You make a habbit out of being a creepy fucker don't you? Lol

    2. Clutchie
  6. You've certainly been round the block bro! Nearly EVERY department you've been in! UWOTM8

    1. Clutchie


      Just traffic, patrol and ASU so far ;)

  7. First day as a SGT has been quite eventful... Oh well, happy with my new rank :)

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    2. Brizo


      Gratz Clutchie man!

    3. Clutchie
    4. zachery


      I hope you have been using your complementary but plug

  8. Happy Birthday Clutchie!

  9. Oink Oink

    1. milma


      kkkkkkk love you piggie

    2. Clutchie


      Love you too man :p

  10. Hi Clutchie welcome to the forums