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  1. Happy Birthday Vladaimmortal!

  2. Time to return to this great game

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    2. Vladaimmortal
    3. Zackcb


      That oil company was impressive. Haven't seen anything close to it since!

    4. Vladaimmortal


      haha ye 3 trucks and 4-5 ships :D . was good job for beginners

  3. Happy Birthday Vladaimmortal!

  4. Birthday D:

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    2. RECHillick


      Happy Birthday mate :)

    3. Ekloef



    4. PHAL


      Happy Birthday VLAD! Hope you had a great day

  5. Happy Birthday Vladaimmortal!

  6. Zinq is Sinc's lost brother

  7. i will be making some videos about regular day in clpd,so you civs get to see our side of the coin

  8. Getting my PC back today,srsly hope i wont have to re-download everything -.-

    1. Whiskey


      Well that will depend on if you backed your files up?

  9. Hi Vladaimmortal welcome to the forums