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  1. Some call me Sonic, some call me Old Man Jenkins. Some call me Pink Death, I prefer the latter.

    1. PHAL


      Let's hope your name doesn't turn pink!

    2. IYamKing


      I prefer google translate man.

  2. Gotta go to work, will be on in the AM.

  3. Wow, so much has changed yet it feels so familiar. I don't know if I will ever pass the driver's test...

    1. BigP


      you will, i though the same first time i ever done it, my personal best is with 26 sec left to spare

  4. Just got back from school, gotta go to work. Might get a couple hours of CL in later.

  5. Making dem stacks!

  6. Lots of racing and wrecking cars today, not very productive though. lol.

  7. I had so much fun today, it's too bad I have to go to work.

  8. Just two more days.

  9. Ive spent about 7 hours on the forums today, I really hope I get unbanned or spring break is going to suck.

    1. daniele01


      Posting here only makes it worse

  10. I was looking forward to getting a new car today, but I gotta go to work soon.

  11. I need a car for crusin' and I'm thinking about a 300...

  12. I had a good couple of days back, made about 80k and only lost 1 car.

  13. Wow, first day back and i had a lot of fun. Even though im poor and died upwards of 5 times.

  14. So little time to play, its really sad.

Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love


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