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  1. Happy Birthday prezantz!

  2. Happy Birthday prezantz!

  3. Eh bro how ya doin

    1. prezantz


      Ohh my baby lord Jesus! Living the dream mate how are you?

      Are you coming back?

    2. RoyalBBad


      I am doing good. I want to come back but I need a new pc.

    3. prezantz


      shiii, get one or just rob a electronic store.

  4. OMMGG happy anniversary GIA

  5. happy b-day man

  6. happy b-day man, gefeliciteerd ;)

  7. Happy Birthday pal!

    1. prezantz


      thx mate!@#@!#!@ luvs wre given!

  8. Happy Birthday, iam party for you :DD

    1. prezantz


      haha, me too mate thx lad.

  9. Happy Birthday prezantz!

  10. when CL3 is a go, you and me are going to have our pistol war at PD once again

    1. Rein54
    2. prezantz


      i'm ready mate, but the question is are YOU MAN?!

  11. best emt off cl2, u wot?

    1. Ekloef


      totally prezantz, totally