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  1. Gratz on 4 years today bud! :-)

    1. ofpMisterguy


      Congrats Tuxor! Miss ya buddy! Hope all is good.

  2. Bit late, but still a happy b-day drinking buddy ! :)

  3. Happy birthday Tux!

  4. Happy Birthday Tuxor

  5. Happy birthday babe xx

  6. happy birthday ya lovely peace of human :)

  7. Happy Birthday :) Nice to meet you.

  8. Happy B Day Tux!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Tuxor!

    1. AgentX


      Happy birthday man!

  10. The start of a new week... 1 month away from the predicted birth date of the second one

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    2. Warden


      Congratulations! The mystery of what you were up to while away from City Life is solved ;)

    3. CheefReef
    4. daniele01


      Congratulations Tux

  11. Literally just posting because of this: "Tuxor : (11 January 2014 - 09:27 PM) you guys should find something to do other then my forum community status"

  12. Merry Christmas Tux!

  13. Come back Tuxorrr!!

  14. Tux-Man, I think I know you... I also alias Big Al and Joker...

  15. Love your cop vids on you tube Keep them comming :)