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  1. yoyoyo get your ass on city life. 


  2. Happy 3 Years homie, it's been too long.

  3. Babylon unban request looool. free candy anyone?

    1. RECHillick


      Haha be better if it was for P1 never liked him lol

  4. I talked to the guys a bit, i kinda swayed carbonaed and cahill, I hear hotdubber is around. Lockjaw might come too. I will keep gathering assets and recources. Lets get some shit started when you come bro.

  5. @freakyclow @Cahill @DegoLocc @AgentX time to come back motherfuckers

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Leodimas


      im ounly around 10 but its ok, takes a couple houndred olive seeds to fill a flatbed tho. i can get you started, and luke is coming next week he said. 3 is more than 1 xD

    3. DegoLocc
    4. Leodimas


      we came a long way, lots of gathering lots of olives, get on one of these days.

  6. I'm coming back by the end of this month, lets get the crew rollin

  7. Read your PM's please mate.

  8. Hey! Master Chef, tell me when you come back and lets rob some taxi drivers again!

    1. Carbonade


      Kapooya Kapooya

    2. Leodimas


      Epic robbery is epic. Give me another 5-6 weeks bro.

    3. Leodimas
  9. yo buddy i started playing lol on my shitty laptop. account name is leodimas. add me for instalock gg

  10. And again to Vienna for work. This time 2 star Restaurant http://www.lapyramide.com/ . Will be gone for months

    1. RickyRoss
    2. Leodimas
    3. RudolfSteiner


      Will miss you on the server, but good luck man!

  11. Off to Vienna, Austria for a week. Show dem noobs how to cook. See ya all next week.

  12. Fallout NV game of the year edition, going unarmed ninja build this time

  13. Hi Leodimas welcome to the forums

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