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  1. Happy Birthday Sjonkovic!

  2. Happy Birthday Sjonkovic!

  3. Happy B-Day Jimmmmmmyyyyyyyy ! ! ! ! !

  4. Happy Bday ! ! !

  5. Happy B-Day ! ! !

    1. Sjonkovic


      lol forum time is off by 1hr and 7 minutes. o.O

  6. happy birthday SJ have a good one :)

  7. Congratz on making DEV Team, sir.

    1. PapaSmoke

      RIP PapaSmoke

      thank you sir! It's a point of extreme pride to join a group of people I feel are a tremendous inspiration

  8. I'm not an alcoholic, i'm a drunk....Alcoholics go to meetings. o_O

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    2. xXFallenAngelXx


      its always 5PM somewhere, therefore it's never too early/late for a drink!

    3. Warden


      Statements like that make me think I'm going to bump into you a lot when I start with the Police Fallen! lol

    4. xXFallenAngelXx
  9. So when is our wedding?

    1. Sjonkovic


      Whenever you want babe. <3

    2. Jimz


      awww am i invited?

    3. Casey


      jimz you can be the flower girl <3

  10. Looks like my phone didn't like beer as much as i do. :'( (R.i.p. crappy phone)

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    2. RECHillick


      The nokia phones are like gods

    3. Kellee


      Better beer than sperm

    4. Sjonkovic


      lol, on sperm my phone and i agree we don't like it.

      As for getting a nokia...Not gonna happen.

      Got this phone from a m8 who got a new one with his subscription, so for me it's now simple...no phone.