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Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love


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  1. yoyoyo get your ass on city life. 


  2. Got all my new parts for my pc time to import teamspeak and reinstall everything..

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Axel


      If you keep an outdated GPU you're gonna have yourself a horrid bottleneck, mate.

    3. AlphaV


      My GPU was upgraded before i made all the changes my processor was bottlenecking the GPU lol

    4. xXFallenAngelXx


      ^ I was in that position now im in the reverse situation becfause of the crappy integrated card lol. Not every game supports intel apparently rofl

  3. Got all my new parts for my pc time to import teamspeak and reinstall everything..

  4. Going to go buy a new processor :D

    1. Axel


      Intel or AMD, and which model?

  5. Waiting for the server to go down is always fun lol time to watch some movies or something =/

    1. PvtJelo


      Yeah, that's when I can start playing Real life RPG

  6. Cant wait for walking dead this sunday!!

  7. Gonna be on some WarZ for a bit

    1. Leodimas


      a week at least : /

  8. City life ?? more like Cop Life 2

    1. Salazar


      Well,due to the carbombs,PD sieges,jailbreaks...We need more cops in order to be sure that we can protect the people of cherno ^^

    2. Apache


      Lately all I see are cops... Killing most of the fun, just too many cops...

    3. Salazar


      depends on your definition of fun :p

  9. Congrats all new recruits

  10. Crazy day finally time to rest up and start over tomorrow !

  11. Cant wait till server is online again start my recruit training hopefully

  12. The waiting game begins!

  13. Time to live my live as a olive farmer

  14. Hi AlphaV welcome to the forums

Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love


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