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  1. Almost ...

    1. Salazar


      Yeah mate im there. But have almost 26GB as repo size o.O Was a long road...

  2. Back after 2 years ^^

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Salazar


      hey @RECHillick ;) fine and ya? thx mate

    3. Salazar


      thx @mikephoenix nice to see people from back at the time ;)

  3. Still have 3 Alpha invites.PM if interested

  4. Still have 3 Alpha invites.PM if interested

  5. To be or not to be...waiting for the answer xD

  6. 20 interviews in 12 hours ^^ going for the record xD

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zackcb


      But but but i'm only at 6! Not fair.

    3. Salazar


      The force is strong in me young padawan ^^

    4. Davidc437


      Time for a new TV Documentary 'Interview Wars!'

  7. another year...getting old :p

    1. suny


      happy B-day ^^

  8. I am baaaaaack!!! ^^

    1. DevilDogGaming
    2. Salazar


      oooooohhh yeah xD

    3. tarix


      u love me right? we marry todai.

  9. Playing for 19 hours straight...almost dead...time to sleep 12 hours straight ^^

  10. In 24 hours 7 good officers left PD... :s

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    2. Salazar


      i do,but its something not to be discussed with civs :p

    3. Eric519


      I am sure a lot of people know why on the civ side also

    4. GymShowers


      Guys, it was because I got promoted. Blame me.

  11. I sense a disturbance on the force...but bring balance to the force,the choosen one willl..

  12. 4 days after having my tonsils removed...back to the hospital..bleeding from the throat.. :s

    1. Vincent


      suck man, get well soon

    2. Salazar


      Cant suck anything,my throat hurts :s... xD

  13. Almost out of the hospital and back to CL ^^

  14. Need to be at the hospital at 7:30am tomorrow :s Having my surgery to remove the tonsils,and then 15 days to play CL ^^ ...if my Internet provider send the fukin technicien to fix my internet..

    1. Babylon


      Wish you the best luck with the surgery. And hopefully you can kick asses on the plantations soon! ;)

    2. Salazar

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