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  1. @tonny happy Black Country day mate

    1. Tonyy


      Too you also KIDDDAAAAA ;)

    2. MAW3Y



    3. Tonyy
  2. Happy Birthday Brummie Scrub*

  3. Happy Birthday Brummie <3

  4. i love moaning

    1. Vincent
    2. xXFallenAngelXx


      Vincents balls are too big

      Pizza is too good

      Vodka always gets me drunk and then i get fucking hungover

      sirben loves moaning and i just cant take that.

      i fucking love how my back hurts after 5 hours straight of driving if i dont adjust hte seat properly.


  5. Khilly where da fuck u at ?

    1. khilly


      be back cl3 bro

    2. sirben


      Kool man i'll see you soon bro

  6. greed where the f you gone :(

  7. oh look ! a PD Heli..... an explosive PD Heli lolololol

    1. sirben


      Lolol that shit was funny upload it I'll upload my pov when I get home was crying I was

    2. sirben


      Lolol that shit was funny upload it I'll upload my pov when I get home was crying I was

    3. Jagger
  8. remember this austin4362 very nice example of rp :D
  9. Got my HGV theory test today hopefully i pass

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Fatal


      Being an american I am so lost with this lingo.

    3. D1G1TALX


      Don't worry, no one asked for your opinion. :p

    4. Fatal


      Digi i will poop on your chest

  10. you come on for 1 day and stop playing pussy

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