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  1. For You German speakers I have a question.... Would you say "Ich möchte bitte ein Glas Wein." or "Ich möchte ein Glas Wein bitte." I'm almost certain it doesn't matter, but I would like your guys' opinion. Thank you so much!

  2. Hey! Sorry I missed your birthday man. Been paying attention to IRL things. Hope all is well and happy belated birthday!

    1. DblAAssassin


      Thanks! It was Awesome!

  3. Taking, a break from City Life, have fun. Bye

    1. Java


      Did you stick in an LOA?

  4. Can any of the Dutch/German/Belgian/Swiss/Person Who Speaks Dutch or German, give me some tips on how to produce the "G" in your language? I'm currently learning Dutch, and I'm having some trouble! Thanks. Example Word: "graag"

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Sjonkovic


      Indeed, it does come from the back of the throat. Like your example "eigen" then the G comes out with more air then when it starts with a g. Kinda hard to explain as i have never thought this much in depth on how it sounds like. ;)

      Misha already explained the difference with the german sound of it, so yes indeed it sounds way different then the dutch G.

    3. benpowell987


      google translater, use the voice over options, as it has accents

    4. DblAAssassin


      I know exactly, how it sounds Ben. I just don't know how ro produce it myself. I guess, I'll just have to keep practicing. Thanks, everyone!

  5. I like, how the program, that is teaching me the Basics of Dutch, taught me "Your flowers are lovely", which is "Uw bloemen zijn heel mooi" in dutch!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DblAAssassin


      Hej Vännen.... I know a bit of Swedish too!

    3. Ekloef
    4. DblAAssassin


      Yah, that's all I know, but still counts!

  6. Really liking Dutch, even though it's only my second day!

    1. rolecrafter


      somehow this doesn't makes sense to me, you mean liking holland? the language itself? wut ;o

    2. DblAAssassin


      Dutch & Holland are the same thing. Although, I have never heard anyone call it Holland in America.

  7. What kind of plane is that in the picture?

    1. mb3563


      1981 Cessna 172P

    2. DblAAssassin


      Cool, I would like to get a Cessna 172, after I get my license :)

  8. I need to do some interviews...

  9. For as long as I remember I thought my time zone was 6 hours behind the GMT, today found out I'm 5 hours apart! EPIC FAIL!

    1. xXFallenAngelXx


      we're experiencing BST right now... even in Britain we're +1 to GMT...

    2. AWSOM


      Summer / Winter

    3. DblAAssassin


      That is a false EPIC FAIL, it was my mom trolling me! :) 6 hours in Winter 7 hours in Summer.

  10. Gotta Start Training for that Bike Race (In-Game), this weekend.

    1. LawlessBaron


      Looks like we need an EMT on standby :p

    2. DblAAssassin
  11. First Official Day of Summer!!

    1. Clutchie



    2. xXFallenAngelXx


      By butt has been itchy for a week. Must be summer.

  12. Just Chillin' and Flyin' in my House! :)

  13. Leaving EMTs... Just isn't for me.

    1. Smir


      awww how come? :p

    2. DblAAssassin


      I need more action in my life going PD as soon as app. open

    3. Smir


      arent we all.. plus the new people in emt.. are well.. lol

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