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  1. and i am a civ again :D who will buy me a car nd a gun ;)

    1. RECHillick


      Heres a potato gun <3

  2. My Favorite Day of the month, Payday:D

  3. Happy Birthday Froz3nWolf!

  4. I have just become uncle

    1. BigP


      congrats Uncle Wolf

    2. Tensta


      heyy welcome to the club! :D congrats

    3. prezantz


      thought you said grand dad.

  5. after taking care of my girlfriend having the flu guess who's next ;)

    1. MrWussy


      Stay away from me!!!

    2. Froz3nWolf


      and i was just thinking about taking the bus to work today ;P

  6. Happy Birthday Froz3nWolf!

  7. almost done moving into my new apartment yay lost my job booh

  8. that sounds more scary than it should be

  9. Dear CL i have to say goodbye for a week! were moving out and have to put my pc in the box tonight promise me you wont go anywhere :D

    1. rolecrafter


      I'll be all over the place

      looking for you harhar.

  10. my hitmanservice are picking up, 3 hits in 2 days all completed within 30 minutes poor victims ^.^

    1. Vincent


      You may take me out any day babe :)

    2. Froz3nWolf


      i wont shoot untill someone will pay me (hint people) for it dont worry buddy :D

      but if i happen to clean you up its nothing personal pure buisness :D

  11. cityliferpg.com/forum/topic/99397-froz3nwolf-pd-app/ lets see if this old vet can still catch criminals ;) hope to make the cut

  12. Today i Got My Bagde, next up my Shield. Dream Big

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. xReladinx
    3. Tensta


      Aww Yeah. What did I say huh? Congrats.

    4. LawlessBaron


      Nice hopefully i can get in we need more Oceanic peeps

  13. worked 39:15 hours in 3 days, off till Friday. now reinstalling arma /CL

  14. Today i ate my first Pop-tard :D they are f*cking good

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Tensta


      we dont have any of US eating thingys in Europe. as in pop-tarts, kool-aid and jello stuff..

    3. Froz3nWolf


      i found pop tards in Denmark in 1 store :D first time i saw em

    4. 00cappello


      I like the chocolate marshmellow ones. They're pretty baller.


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