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  1. wow 2 years today, hope to be back soon just a little difficult finding free time to play at the moment miss you all ;)

  2. Logan has finally arrived both mum and baby doing well, it will be a while before I'm back so please contact Brizo for all matters related to Consortium ;)

  3. Off to the Hospital today to start the eviction proceedings on the boy who doesn't want to come out - See you soon CityLife

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    2. Zackcb
    3. ArMaTeC
    4. MAW3Y


      Were still waiting unfortunately little man is way too comfortable and doesn't want to come out, two more attempts at intervention today using gel then if no luck then possibly a C section will be needed. Thanks for all the comments guys :)

  4. Well less than three weeks left to the baby arrives and if the Wife hasn't pushed him out then it will by the 28th, need to get my playtime in now as I'm going to miss it for a while when he is here

  5. Whats up scrub

    1. MAW3Y


      Where you been hiding cunt....lol

  6. Went for a 4D scan of the baby today, wow those machines are amazing I had no idea they could be so clear.

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    2. MAW3Y


      lol 4D scan is a 3D scan but HD and live so it's in motion rather than just pictures (that's how they explain it anyways) http://i.imgur.com/oMboC1T.jpg

    3. DeVegas


      I think the moving chair thing is way cooler. But nice for you :)

    4. daniele01


      That's really cool - all the best Maw3y

  7. You tend to forget how expensive baby items are, either that or the Wife has gone overboard - my poor bank account and he's not even here yet :(

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    2. MAW3Y


      Yep both boy's, told the wife the next one has to be a girl lol

    3. MAW3Y


      MAW3YJR has already said he's putting me in a home when I get old, but don't worry he will visit me once a year lol the cunt

    4. Brizo
  8. Thought I'd try this Left for dead 2 now its only £3.74 on steam lol

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    2. Hoaz


      SIngleplayer isn't worth it, the only thing worth it is probably the versus mode.

    3. xReladinx


      Add me on Steam! same name

    4. Evo


      Welcome to hell -.-

  9. We went for our 20 week scan today and I'm please to say that were having a Baby Boy, so a new citylifer in 16 years prehaps? lol :)

  10. It's like saying goodbye to a best friend leaving CL2 behind, the endless hours of entertainment we've had it's fair to say it will be greatly missed, I know CL3 will be great and a big improvement but it's still hard to say goodbye. Thanks to Tec & his team for all the memories as without them it wouldn't of been possible

  11. Went for the 12 week scan today and really pleased to find out that everything's ok and I'll be a little busy Nov 18th the due date http://i.imgur.com/wbsxGb4.jpg

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    2. Icon


      congrats mate :)

    3. MAW3Y


      Ty peeps and tell me about it Phal Im 13 years into the first one and now starting again lol

    4. ArMaTeC
  12. a big day for me today, more news later :) hopefully

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    2. MAW3Y


      Well I'm going to be a Dad again after losing one last year to an ectopic. Me and the wife were going threw hospital appointments thinking we couldn't have any and then were told shes pregnant and although its at a very early stage it's looking good :)

    3. RECHillick
    4. xXFallenAngelXx


      Oh god, another bald, unbearably cheerful, geordie twat for the world D:

      Gratz Mark :p

  13. Bike Patrol :)

    1. Weiz


      It would be a good way for all of us PD to get in shape anyways!

    2. Icon


      haha :) cant wait to be honest.

    3. Weiz


      Honestly I think it will be funny to see cops roll up on bikes.

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