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  1. wow now this is an old name
    CL2 memories TGC NAM and all that crazyness

  2. Okay, time to try to get back again :)

    1. DanijelSVK


      see you in game kixick :)

    2. Zedd


      Welcome back =)

  3. For those old fellas who would like to contact me or play with me something till I get my new rig so I can join back CL3 make sure to stop by and say hi either on my FB, or Skype, or Steam (kixick) and very Merry Christmas :) Vesele Vanoce ;)

  4. glad you're back mate!

    1. falcos


      many many love to you

  5. I'm glad the Race Event turned out to be a success :)

  6. lol 24 hour shoutbox ban :D my bad, sorry TeC

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Java
    3. kixick


      yeah I fucked up link while posting it into shoutbox so it kinda stretched out all over shoutbox :D

    4. Jagger


      LOL i seen it xD

      My God it was fuuny

  7. Happy New Year everyone!

  8. Merry Christmas to everyone here in CL! Big thanks to our devs and admins for keeping us far away from being bored by making this great mod! Keep it up guys and again, enjoy your Holidays everybody!

  9. what happened? why you not EMT anymore? o.O

    1. EchelonHawkeye


      Got kick out for apperently taking cops to a warzone. I landed them pretty far away from the warzone.

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