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  1. Just a quick one how do I get back to being an active member instead of inactive

    1. DeathWatchPaul


      forum group changed it should work now.

    2. CinematicsVII
  2. Happy Birthday CinematicsVII!

  3. Happy Birthday CinematicsVII!

  4. EAS in the next video :)

    1. Weiz


      EAS? Next Video? Soooooo where is it?

  5. I am going to try and make the video for the CL main channel tomorrow rather upsetting the story is good :)

  6. Good video coming tomorrow <3

  7. Making a beautiful video for tonight :)

  8. Only 2 more days until I get my internet back I actually cannot wait :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ArMaTeC


      yer yer what ever

    3. ArMaTeC


      2 days passed and still not around

    4. CinematicsVII


      I am on ts i was just waiting for the router to be delivered sorry

  9. Happy Birthday CinematicsVII!

  10. i hate your trailers.... Because they make me to exited ;)

    1. CinematicsVII


      :) I hope I can have abother one ready for today :)
  11. I should finally have another CL3 edited for tonight :)

  12. Big Recording day for me Today & Tomorrow

  13. Dam people on steam always giving poor me a hard time :( aha

    1. xXFallenAngelXx


      It's okay Conner, we all get grief once in a while :p