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  1. I saw you peeking! Jump on tonight, don't be afraid 😳

  2. Anyone have any solution as to why my system would go into a constant boot loop after a bios update. I've tried reverting back to the old bios setting and it doesn't want to roll back. I googled for the last 2 days tried everything I've come across with no luck whatsoever. If not then I guess I'll be having a very unwanted break from CL until I can get the funds together to replace the MB. Thanks in advance! And hopefully see you soon!

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    2. D1G1TALX


      Thanks for all your advise all I'll try all suggested tonight when I finish work and no doubt the weekend lol. Apparently I had to update my bios for my new GTX980 G1. I've tried removing the battery serval times but when I get home it would of been out for 24 hours. I'll try a fresh OS install if the rest fails. Thanks again, I'll be back asap, it like torture not having a pc :(

    3. Evo


      Check your MB model, find out where you can flush the fker and have it reset to default, hell pull the battery out of the MB after you unplugged it, leave it like that for an hour, pop the battery back in and boot up if you need to, that usually resets the whore.

    4. D1G1TALX


      It's beat me lol, I've done everything and it just don't want to live anymore. Went with a fresh install, or 10 each time it completed I would see the desktop for 3 seconds and then... "Logging off"..."Shutting down" then stick with another boot loop. Boot from win7 disk and the SSD size has gone down so the install must be there somewhere but don't want to boot up. So now I've gave up and bought a new MB. So I'll be back Wednesday hopefully :)

  3. who was the drunk promoter? :p Congrats :D

  4. Happy Birthday Brummie Scrub*

  5. You scrub wtf have you beeen? Get your ass online goddam it!

  6. Hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor, hoooooooodooooor,hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor :im Not Worthy:

  7. I have 6 copys of Dead Island: Epidemic if anyone's interested...

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    2. sirben


      I'll have one if any left over dig

    3. DrewHellinger
    4. prezantz


      bby, i will always beg for you're goods

  8. Welcome back! :D

    1. falcos


      thanks man means alot

  9. Whats long and hard and has cum in it?

  10. Happy New Year all! Have a good one!

  11. Happy Birthday Beaver :D

  12. I saw you perving on me!...

    1. dawnofcthulu


      LOL you know it babe ;D

  13. All I want is CL to be back, is that so much to ask for??? :(


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