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  1. You should come back and harass Aerik and Digi with me.

  2. You still playing?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. D1G1TALX
    3. Fatal


      Awesome to hear, I am re-downloading the mod now, just got my hands on a replacement CPU that can run arma. Hit me up in game for sure.

    4. D1G1TALX


      Will do, I hope to be on a bit this weekend!


  3. i fucking miss you mate, swing by TS? <3

  4. Today is one year since to the day since I joined CL. Even tho I've been inactive due to real life lately I have enjoyed all the people I met on here and the times we have had. Can't wait to hit two years!

    1. Jayke


      grats bud, remember this;

    2. DeadlyKenny


      "Wooooooo, Now everyone remove the evidence!" Classic Hahaha

    3. Fatal


      Yea that one was good. So many things we did I wish we recorded haha

  5. come back on bby

    1. Fatal


      I had to reinstall windows on my PC. Had a corrupted profile somehow. Long story short, I am hoping CL3 isn't too long out so i can just download that and play!

  6. Get in teamspeak you fuckin nob head

  7. Man i haven't played in a long time. Been so busy. Might have to give it a shot again tomorrow!

  8. Don't rob my group don't forget :p

  9. You've got me into Krewella now because I've herd it on your profile.... I'm addicted. Hahahahaha

    1. Fatal


      Lol their older songs are even better haha, but i chose this one cause it was what i was listening to when looking at my profile.

    2. Beyonce

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