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  1. Making Games aint easy.

  2. Back from the grave, after months and months of hard work I finally came back from the dead, tired too.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fatal
    3. MrSoundGuy


      Go away, i'm already sick of your smell

    4. SteveOnator


      I do not appriciate your tone sound guy, after months of vanishing i hoped you would miss me. Who will feed the kids now huh? not me!

  3. Will miss my little EMT buddies, and the lovely car washes that they used to give me <3

  4. I do love seeing EMT`s work hard :D.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. SteveOnator


      Well, after SoundGuys complaint that our EMT car trunks are always Filthy and him pregnant we decided to clean them every day :D

    3. MrSoundGuy


      Good, i'm happy about this outcome

    4. SteveOnator


      So you say..But i do love it when they sweat during their hard work out on reviving people ;p

  5. Training more UCPs..All fall down D:

  6. Pandemic Weekend coming up, cannot wait to see how this RP event will turn out. Should be a blast.

    1. V3inu5


      Think this will be one of the better RP events :) Goodjob so far

    2. SteveOnator


      Well I have to thank you guys for this. With out a dedicated team like you guys we might not even have this haha.

  7. Whats on my mind? feeling rough..Not the best day i had today

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