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    1. Currency


      I could but honestly do not have all the channel PS at this present time, watching a twitch stream and going to bed very soon.

  2. i fucking miss you mate, swing by TS? <3

  3. Physically and mentally exhausted from working everyday this week. You haven't heard the last of me though. Love you guys <3

    1. prezantz
    2. Zackcb


      Pretty sure you're a secret millionaire who doesn't have to work... don't you lie to me! Are you on the crack again?! Is it Jason?! Did he sell you the crack?! I always had a bad feeling about Jason, you can't trust anyone with a name that has a horror antagonist named after him.

  4. and then this guy walks in... I'm back baby!!! :D

  5. Hey brother I might be moving into arma 3 now but my computer still lags on it. hit me with some info to get in touch with you.

    1. MrDodgeballWizard


      MrDodgeballWizard is my steam name. Add me and we will talk

    2. FaDeD


      Alright added bro. I usually play on the EU server if you are ever on at the same time as me

  6. I know you're alive, I saw you view my profile :)

  7. FaDeD come back to CL3. I miss you :<

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