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  1. Happy Birthday 00cappello!

  2. Ain't no sunshine anymore...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 00cappello


      LMFAO, you should come to America. You'll love it here Fallen haha xD

    3. xXFallenAngelXx


      I dont fancy heart attack burger with a side order of obesity fries. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    4. 00cappello


      It's not that bad, trust me :)

  3. Ain't no sunshine anymore...

  4. Good profile song :)

    1. mb3563


      Thanks brother

  5. Happy 4th of July everyone!

  6. Happy Birthday, Robben!

  7. Nice Kidnapping roleplay, really enjoyed it... Although it won't happen again!! >:D

  8. Been a great vacation, but I'm glad to be back home :)

    1. xXFallenAngelXx


      coulda posted an LOA before you left lol. They stuck you on SFR.

    2. 00cappello


      I did, or so I thought. It must have gotten deleted while they were cleaning up the LOA's.

  9. Well, tomorrow is my graduation! I'm finally done with high school :)

  10. Congratz on Commander!

  11. I think Fallen Angel is the bestest player on the server! And the CLPD should definitely take him back!

  12. Just got promoted to officer :)

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    2. Weiz


      Awesome to hear, I haven't been on today since the serve was down. Maybe tomorrow before I leave for Indiana. That's if I can find someone in Command Staff for my final eval.

    3. Ekloef


      Congrats Cappello!

    4. Tensta


      congrats dude!

  13. Damn wrong beta again :/ Trying to troubleshoot it

    1. JamieShields


      Open Six Updater manually, go to options and then add the paths to your game and mods at the bottom.Save to database and then launch the game via citylife launcher. Then agree to what pops up and then a website will pop up where at the top/bottom you should accept the download. That should fix it :D

    2. 00cappello


      Thanks, Ill try that!