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  1. Just got too watch @Aruke get his first tattoo funny shit right there XD

  2. Won't be able too run for 3-6 months... Well there goes my chance at a lacrosse scholarship

  3. All I have too say is I love my pain pills <

  4. Soo close too cutting my feet off.... Fuck you pain go kill yourself.

    1. rolecrafter


      At those moments i am without doubt sure about people wanting to be drugs addicts just to get off the pain :p

  5. This is a video of me coming out of anesthesia thought the doctors cut my feet off. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203012952754026&set=vb.1510945273&type=2&theater I sound retarted haha

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    2. Sjonkovic


      can't see facebook links :( Still won't get facebook though...

    3. TMontgomery


      Damn let me try and get it too work for you guys

    4. zachery


      Unavailable, FIX IT!

  6. Note too self don't play CL while drugged. You will end up in jail for 3 hours and not remember what you did :p

  7. Drugged too shit. But I'm still going too play CL

  8. Surgery in around 40 minutes. I am freaking out :/

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    2. zachery
    3. Kellee


      Good luck see you soon

    4. TMontgomery


      Thanks everyone! It went well I am just drugged too shit haha

  9. Surgery on Thursday. Let's hope it all goes good.

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    2. Java
    3. teehachse
    4. TMontgomery


      @Java I'm having surgery on my feet. If I don't have it I won't be able too walk in two years.

      @Marcel Thanks man! I'm still trying too find you so prepare you're diddly hole(;

      @teehachse Thanks!

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