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  1. Happy Birthday CentrinoJa!

  2. citylifeemtradio.listen2myradio.com/ just started my station tonight and I AM LOVING IT especially players requests!!!

    1. Hoaz


      do you take traffic tips? Say like somebody shoots you a tip about a car crash in kavalah or on a road headed out from Kavalah etc. THen you repeat that on the radio.

    2. CentrinoJa


      i will be doing so eventually yeah.

  3. happy birthday SJ have a good one :)

  4. Soooooooooooooo tired from work, Time to chillax!

  5. Woot! Full Helper! Thank You @Smir, Head EU Helper

    1. Smir


      your welcome mate :)

  6. WOOT! just 1 more interview before i can become a full helper!

  7. 3/3 Listen-In's completed, 1/3 Supervised Interviews completed. I am smashing this shizzle!

  8. I Dreamed a Dream O.o

    1. RECHillick


      I dreamed of doing my fields on cl3 but it was only a dream lol

    2. DeadlyKenny



    3. CentrinoJa
  9. Hmmm,I is thinkings...

  10. Euro Truck Sim 2 <- played the hell out of this shizzle!

    1. xXFallenAngelXx


      I leave you with today's silliest screenshot from France: http://i.imgur.com/buZqwq0.jpg

  11. 1 workcase done 1 to go seems i have a good chance with them >.> cause we dont hear that about every job right... #BritishGovernmentSucks

  12. nom nom nom, Station Manager Paperwork

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Kellee


      Jan 18th: Kellee, join EMT's! Kellee - NO!

      Jan 23rd: Kellee - so I applied to join EMTs...

    3. CentrinoJa
    4. CentrinoJa


      see if you can avoid crime xD

  13. Civs that play with guns and drive into walls during my R&R when im the only EMT on should take more care :p