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  1. Yay I got cop, thanks you command staff for accepting me :)

  2. So what has happened to the server ???

  3. All the people I joined City Life with are moving to cop...and I dont think I am :(

  4. Made no money today, Broke a few of my cars, got mugged, got killed several times, and got banned from Shoutbox....yea not my best day :(

  5. So I just found out there is a porn store :o

  6. As much fun as all this crime has been fun and it has been fun, it's really not worth the jail time and which is why I want to switch to doing something less criminal like bread :D but don't me wrong someone tries to rob me or wont back away from me I will defend my self but only with proper cause :)

  7. Sigh* Repo work is fun :D

  8. So now my crime days have ended and I have done really everything I wanted to do....

    1. 00cappello


      Not everything yet ;D

  9. I really wanted to get all the crime and fun out the way first before I became a real civ making money, I have so far Stole a cop car, crashed a cop car, spent 9 hours in jail in MAX, stole a gun, shot a cop, tried to take a cop hostage , spent some time looking at posters in Balota jail....Thats all I really wanted to do before I took my civ role serious and the only thing left for me is...Rob the bank

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GaaamleDreng
    3. TheRealRayy


      Yep :D I wont put up a fight I just wanna get all this crime out my system XD, Drugs never really thought the risk was worth it

    4. DaUltimateTroll


      Haha Ray. We acted like we robbed the bank

  10. Is anyone else being locked out the server ?

  11. So I learnt not to steal a cops car....

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    2. Veritas


      Lol! Yeah, probably wasn't a good start...

    3. TheRealRayy


      Yea but I also learnt that the cops are far and pretty overall good people, and not to cross the law :D

    4. 00cappello


      Lmfao... this guy is great. First hour on the Server, he goes to Max pen jail. Lol'd so hard!

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